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Cross-platform development yielding native performance. Xamarin is a cross- development platform that allows building apps with native API access, native UI and native performance on a shared C# codebase. Before shipping the app, Xamarin allows developing apps faster with automated testing to detect bugs. You can build Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with Xamarin.

Xamarin mobile apps are built on a shared codebase which allows developers to adopt “write-once-run-everywhere” approach.

Mobiloitte has been delivering hybrid apps from the time of its inception. Our team delivers cutting-edge application products on Xamarin and C# by scoping what’s best for clients. With a close working team of product managers, business architects, designers, developers, server assistants and marketers we offer complete Xamarin mobile application development solutions.

Why get Xamarin Mobile Applications developed?

In today’s digital era, mobile applications are the necessity of businesses. Businesses are running after mobile apps to stay ahead in the competition. Here are a few reasons why you need Xamarin mobile application development-

  • Xamarin And Cloud Database
  • Xamarin App Targets All Platforms
  • 80% of internet users are on apps
  • Users spend 90% of their time in apps
  • E-commerce Apps have more products than web
  • Code sharing across platforms
  • Shared App logic for faster development
  • Xamarin Component Store for collaboration & sharing
  • Savings on cost & time

Advantages of Xamarin App development India

  • Certified Xamarin developers 
  • Highly experienced C# developers
  • Native UI/UX designers 
  • Server-side support 
  • Post-delivery maintenance 
  • Xamarin allows rapid app development
  • Its Portable Class Libraries (PCL) and suitable application architecture enables Xamarin to share code across all mobile platforms

Our Xamarin Mobile Application Development Services

Mobiloitte is the leading Xamarin mobile application development company in India & USA. We offer the best cross-platform Xamarin mobile app development services using C#, Visual Studio, Xamarin forms and frameworks.

  • Custom Xamarin Development
  • Xamarin Consulting
  • Cross-platform Xamarin Mobile App Development Services
  • Support & Maintenance

Why Choose Mobiloitte as Xamarin Application Development Company

  • Strong technology competency
  • Full-cycle development
  • 10+ years of experience in native app development on Xamarin
  • 100% transparency
  • 24*7 support
  • Cost-effective and secure development
  • Dedicated Xamarin app developers
  • Cutting-edge development strategies and methodologies

Technological Expertise

  • Highly Skilled C# and Xamarin application developers
  • Well versed in Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio, and NuGet Package Manager
  • Automated App testing with 2000+ real devices using Xamarin Cloud
  • Object-based UI Testing 
  • API Integration 

Xamarin UI/UX design

  • User-centric User Experience Design
  • Engaging User Interface 
  • Harnessing Xamarin’s UI elements 

Resembling Native

  • Native-like performance
  • Native-like UI

Automated Testing

  • Xamarin Cloud-based automated real-time testing with 2000+ devices
  • Beta testing for usability  
  • Dynamic testing

We at Mobiloitte understand that UI plays a crucial role in app success and positive usability. So, Mobiloitte carves interface of applications with an intuitive one-size-fit design with totally native controls for Android, iOS and Windows Phones.

Mobiloitte’s dedicated Xamarin developers leverage shared C# code-base, native UI, API and deliver apps that solve real-life problems in quick time to market and lesser development cost.


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