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Solidity: The Future of Blockchain Application Development

Solidity Development Company

Solidity is an object-oriented, high-level programming, designed for developing smart contracts that run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It is similar to C++, Python, and JavaScript. Create and use Smart Contracts in the language of the Solidity program to improve random calculations.

We build smart revenue contracts, blind auctions, voting, and blockchain-based applications. We have successfully deployed 100+ smart contracts and worked on 50+ blockchain projects.

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    Features of Solidity Development

    Solidity is a high-level programming language designed for implementing smart contracts
    Solidity is highly influenced by Python, c++, and JavaScript which runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM).
    Solidity can be used to creating contracts like voting, blind auctions, crowdfunding, multi-signature wallets, etc.
    It is statically-typed object-oriented(contract-oriented) language.
    Solidity is primary language for blockchains running platform.
    Solidity supports complex user-defined programming, libraries and inheritance.

    Our Top Solidity Development Services

    Smart Contracts Development
    We write, test, and apply contracts on platforms such as Ethereum Blockchain, Neo Blockchain, and Hedera Hashgraph; to help clients choose their blockchain platform that suits the business.
    dApp Development

    Get on-chain and off-chain data in your dApp and microservices. Our robust experts identify user users, dApp components, and DB requirements.

    Digital Token Creation

    ERC20 functions allow an external user, say a crypto-wallet app, to find out a user’s balance and transfer funds from one user to another with proper authorization.

    Full Stack Development
    We help our customers to summarize the whole process from mobile applications, web applications, Microservices, APIs to SQL background, NO SQL DB, IPFS.

    CrowdSale Contracts

    By writing CrowdSale Round Smart Contracts, our Solidity developers help manage tokens provided to donors safely and effectively.

    Exchange Platform

    By writing and implementing Solidity exchange smart contracts, our Solidity Developers help build a secure and efficient exchange platform.

    Solidity Development Use Cases


    Currently, voting is facing several issues including data exchange, fake voters, voting machines, and photocopying booths. Solidity smart contracts can be created and used to make the voting process transparent.

    Blind Auctions

    At an open auction, people can look at each other's bids that lead to disputes and fraud. Using Solidity Smart Contracts, a blind auction can be designed where users can see what the person is bidding for.


    Crowded crowdfunding with smart contracts can solve problems such as outsourcing and data management. Solidity smart contracts for crowdfunding do not require centralized systems to build trust.

    Solidity Technology Tools

    The Strength of the REPL

    Write command-line codes on the Solidity console.


    Visualize the flow of tight control, highlighting the safety hazards.


    Evmdis performs statistical analysis in bytecode to provide higher access than raw EVM functions.


    Documentation Generator for Solidity.


    • It supports multiple assets with C3 linearization.
    • Country or unique asset support, data types, and many other editing functions.
    • The flexibility of contract members containing properties and map layout in order of positions.
    • Binary Interface Application supports several secure type functions within a single contract.
    • Many blockchain platforms including Ethereum, Tendermint, Ethereum Classic, Counterparty, and ErisDB support Solidity.

    Tools that Solidity Developers can Use to Build Solidity-based Smart Contracts​


    Used to produce a DOT graph that shows the movement control of the Solidity contract function and refers to security risks.

    Solidity REPL

    Solidity REPL is used to write command-line codes in Solidity Console.

    EVM Lab

    A rich toolkit that comes with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) communication capabilities. Includes Etherchain API, trace-viewer, and VM.


    Evmdis represents an EVM Disassembler that can perform vertical bytecode analysis to provide a higher output rate compared to raw EVM performance.

    Why Choose Mobiloitte for Solidity Development?

    Our Solidity developer team has extensive knowledge of Solidity in Blockchain applications – Ethereum, Multichain, Hyperledger, and Bitcoin. To date, we have successfully developed and maintained Blockchain applications in areas such as Games, Finance, Insurance, and ICO, etc. You should choose us for reasons such as:

    • We are known to give a 100% result without a single point of failure.
    • Through our Blockchain services, we ensure improved security.
    • We rely on constantly updating our skills as existing trends.
    • The use of advanced tools and technology is our strength.
    • We follow unique Solidity development strategies that bring results.