Mobiloitte is a Leading Listen to Earn (L2E) Application Development Company, and we provide our valued customers with expert Listen-to-Earn development services. In addition, we provide a large number of L2E NFT clone Scripts to a larger audience via the prevalent blockchains network. Our in-house app development team is able to construct your very own L2E Platform with remarkable features using any of the main blockchain technologies.

What is Listen to Earn?

The listen-to-Earn(L2E) philosophy promotes learning through listening to media like music, podcasts, and audiobooks in order to earn cryptocurrencies. On NFT marketplaces, the L2E app is frequently put up for sale and bought and sold.  Cryptocurrencies gained through L2E apps and used in NFT games often fill the role of in-game currency. The  L2E development provides users with the opportunity to acquire famous cryptocurrencies just by listening to their preferred music, podcasts, and other media.

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    How Does it Work?

    Choose Assets

    The ability of the creators to be more creative and original with their ideas while yet maintaining
    the integrity of their vision is the most essential component of designing the gameplay. At this
    point, it would be beneficial for you to make a decision on the many kinds of NFTs that your L2E
    game would support.

    Server Configuration​

    After finishing the previous part of the game creation process, the next thing to do is configure a
    server as the following step in the process. It is the most important aspect of the process of
    developing a video game since it guarantees that the assets and data used in the game are
    saved securely on protected servers.

    The Development of Smart Contracts

    You are now able to pick up where you left off in the process of creating a one-of-a-kind
    intelligent contract in order to support and control the NFTs that are integrated into the apps. A
    savvy contact will methodically determine the number of factors and the ramifications of those

    Front-End Development

    Now that we've reached this point, it's time for you to start putting your intended idea for an app
    into action. Because it enables you to deliver a solution that is unique in appearance, up to date
    in functionality, and simple to use and play, it is a crucial component in the whole development

    Integrate with Marketplace

    Once all of the game creation steps have been finished, you will need to make the game
    compatible with a well-known marketplace or link it with the marketplace so that you may sell
    your non-fantasy items there.

    Test & Launch

    Following the completion of these laborious processes, it is time to test and release your app.
    Bring on some players, give them a chance to use the app, and ask for their input and
    suggestions afterwards. You will be able to deploy the same on the app store after you have
    determined that the L2E game is ready to be released into the general market.


    Listen to Earn app development

    Develop a bespoke listen-to-earn application with the help of Mobiloitte. We can build the best app based on your needs.

    Crypto Development

    Mobiloitte is a blockchain development company that can help you integrate crypto coins as rewards in your listen-to-earn app.


    Our professional developers and designers will help you create an app experience that your consumers will fall in love with.

    Smart Contract

    Use smart contracts in your app to make tracking, verification and transactions secure and easy.

    The Listen to Earn App Features

    Make passive money

    With L2E apps, you can earn money while listening to the music, podcasts, and audiobooks of
    your choice.

    Listen Anywhere

    The Listen to Play software enables users to put in their earphones and listen to music while
    carrying out activities such as resting, walking, or completing domestic chores.

    Intuitively Designed

    Appealing Users will immediately fall in love with the user interface that was built by our
    experienced app designers since it is so simple to use.

    Market your content

    Listen-to-read applications may be leveraged by businesses to sell new books, programmes,
    movies, or video music. This opens up a broad variety of marketing opportunities.

    Why Should You Choose Us?

    Regardless of the monetary cycle, the opportunity to turn a profit is a feature that is included in every listen-to-earn app. These kinds of applications offer a wide range of advantages that are valuable in and of themselves. The most significant benefit is that consumers may earn money while still taking pleasure in the music.

    Many new businesses in the Metaverse use an approach that benefits everyone involved.
    The apps are profitable for the users who participate in them. The developers of the applications also benefit since they are able to use it as a kind of advertising for themselves. They receive a cut of the NFT trading charge incurred as a result of activity on their music platform.

    If you are thinking about developing an L2E app, you should collaborate with us. When it comes to developing exciting apps that have one-of-a-kind capabilities, our innovative designers and seasoned blockchain engineers use a methodology that is motivated by design thinking.