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E-Wallets or digital wallets have become indispensable in our lives in the last few years. In the pandemic, the adoption, market reach, and utility of eWallets only increased to stratospheric proportions. The pandemic and social distancing requirements only created strong tailwinds for the payments revolution that was already underway.

In the current era, Ewallet apps have completely changed the nature of the transfer and provided many benefits to many businesses. We provide rich and fully secure Ewallet Application Development Services for the first and most secure Android, iOS, web and Mobile Devices.

We, Mobiloitte, have already enabled various institutions and entrepreneurs to provide digital portfolios that lead their niche markets. We are a global Ewallet app development service provider, thanks to our industry experience, technical expertise and attention to detail.

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    Features of E-Wallet

    Ewallet app development requires a different set of features depending on the target market. Being widely regarded as a global Ewallet app development company, we fully understand this. So we have a lot of Ewallet features that are readily available to include in your mobile payment app. From the compilation of online payment services for third parties to USSD payments for installed phones, we can do everything to make your mobile payment app a success.

    Customer Login
    The digital wallet application requires customer ID information through the KYC process and obtaining this information at the time of registration is tricky. With the development of the wallet app, we create a seamless ride experience for your customers to improve storage. We also provide offline ID verification integration so your customer can verify their identity by visiting the kitchens.
    Add Money to Mobile App Wallet
    Users can add and save funds to the digital wallet of the mobile app for use with online services and payments. The reason they owe their Ewallet is that it allows them to send money or pay off debts as soon as they enter a PIN, Retina Scan, or Fingerprint Authentication.

    Send & Receive Funds
    Allows users to send and receive money through the app. Users can enter the recipient's phone number or can scan the recipient app barcode to send money. During the development of Ewallet software, we also incorporated QR code, NFC and beacon technology to allow users to send money or pay for services. In the same way, a user can earn money from other users.

    Bank Account Configuration

    In order to use the bank to transfer a wallet and deposit money into Ewallet, users are required to link their bank account to the Ewallet program. Users can link their bank account to the app by providing details of their bank account. This information is kept confidential and is stored in a secure format using various security compliance. The mobile wallet app allows users to set up more than one bank account in the app.

    PIN, Fingerprints & Retina Scanners
    Users are required to set up a four-digit secure PIN, Fingerprints, or Retina Scan Verification to enable faster action. We use user authentication methods for all important categories of mobile payment applications such as profile update, payment authentication, bank account update etc. We allow users to use any authentication options as default.

    Activity History or E-wallet Passbook
    A must-have feature for Ewallet app development. With this, users can view all their previous activity on the mobile payment system itself. In addition, they will be able to see the value of the transaction, details of the sender or recipient, payment dates, and any additional comments that have been added during the transaction.

    See Ewallet Balance
    When you incorporate this feature into the development of your Ewallet app, users can see the real-time Ewallet balance within the mobile payment app. Once users have linked their bank account to the app, they can also check their bank account balance.

    Digital Wallet to Bank Transfer
    We integrate easy payment gateways so you can allow users of your mobile payment system to transfer your payment system wallet amount to their bank accounts. Do you know what makes us able to do it, because we are the leading company in developing the Ewallet mobile app.

    Improvement of E-Wallet Performance Plan​

    Geo location
    The Geo-Location feature can be used to locate nearby service providers, so users do not have to search for them in person.
    3rd Integration
    E wallet can be integrated with group service providers. Allows users to make instant payments without switching to a mobile payment app.
    USSD Payments
    For users who do not have smartphones, we have included the USSD payment option in our mobile payment solutions.
    Application Camera
    The in-app camera can be used to scan QR code in the recipient application. It can also be used for in-app customer support services.
    Safety Protocols
    Risk Management Before launching your app in the community, we do risk management to ensure that the Ewallet app has no weak points.
    We Use ISMS
    We use the ISMS (Information Security Management System) to protect the privacy and sensitive data of application users.

    Making Tokens
    The security of the user's banking information is of paramount importance to the service provider. So we use the legacy token system in your mobile payment app.
    Artificial Intelligence
    With the development of the Ewallet app, we are using advanced AI algorithms that help the mobile AI application adapt to user behavior and preferences.
    Rest API Protocol
    To improve the speed and security of the Ewallet app, we

    Our Process of E-Wallet Development

    UX/UI Design

    Our professional blockchain developers will collect your requirements and analyse them to come up with the best possible idea.


    Our experts will pursue the research work to identify the risk associated with the project. Our team will clearly defines &document the requirements and working plan for the approval stage.

    Testing & Bug Fixing

    In this stage the real work of NFT development will begin. Our blockchain professional developers perform everything in an organized manner, and the product is built with all the advanced features.

    Why Choose Mobiloitte for E-wallet Development?

    The advent of e-wallet mobile apps has made it a modern way to do financial work. With the use of the latest technologies we create feature-rich, highly secured, and reliable digital wallet solutions at the most modest rates. We have a top-notch team of proficient e-wallet apps and are known to create customized e-wallet app development solutions that are perfectly designed and developed according to your needs.