NFT Marketplace Development

NFT ( NON - Fungible Token)

NFTs are tokens that we can use to represent the identity of different objects. They allowed us to make tokens for things like art, collections, and houses. They can have one legal owner at a time and be protected by the Ethereum blockchain - no one can change the copyright record or copy / paste the new NFT. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Non-fungible is an economic term that you can use to describe things like your furniture, song file, or computer. These things do not change from other things because they have different characteristics. Fungible objects, on the other hand, can be exchanged because their value defines them rather than their distinctive features. For example, ETH or dollars are fungible because 1 ETH / $ 1 USD is exchanged for another 1 ETH / $ 1 USD. These tokens cannot be divided into parts or fragments. Therefore, an individual must buy a whole item or nothing at all. NFTs don’t prove features of divisibility that make them more unique.
NFTs are extensible, means you can combine one NFT with another to "breed" a third, unique NFT. Here the NFTs involved in the process of breeding are known as "Parent NFTs" and the new unique NFT which is born is known as "Child NFTs".

Features of NFTs

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    These tokens cannot be divided into parts or fragments. Therefore, an individual must buy a whole item or nothing at all. NFTs don’t prove features of divisibility that make them more unique.
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    Programmers enforce various characteristics in a token that are impossible to alter after the launch. Since the programmer has restricted that only a specific number of items can be created, it improves your assets uniqueness.
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    As it is possible to trade in these NFTs because of their interoperability feature. They can be traded in various environments and marketplaces. This feature allows these NFTs holders to leverage the benefit of bundling, bidding, trading capabilities and the ability to buy or sell NFTs in the market.
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    The contribution of NFTs development on these public blockchain allows the developers to develop reusable, inheritable, and common standards for all non-fungible tokens.
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    Each NFT belongs to a specific person. Thus, it is easy to prove and verify who owns which NFT.
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    Interaction with multiple ecosystems

    There are a couple of standards like ECR1155 and 721 which help these digital collectors in generating these non-fungible tokens.
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    As this niche market has an endless number of chances and variation for these creators so that they can showcase their creativity.
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    s one non-fungible token can be traded at a non-stop regime. That is why there is high liquidity in these markets. A great range of customers are there who might be interested in buying or selling these tokens in the market.
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    NFT royalties give you a percentage of the sales price each time your NFT creation is sold on the market. NFT royalty payments are permanent and are made through smart contracts automatically. In most markets you can choose your royalty percentage. 5-10% is considered a standard monarch.

Our Top NFT Development Services

Development of NFT
NFT marketplace platform where users may create and trade NFTs using in-depth understanding of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, smart contracts and IPFS protocols.
Development of
As a service to your NFT marketplace, Our NFT Development experts and skilled team also offers a token creation functionality which allows users on the network to mine tokens for their virtual or real-world assets.
Audit of NFT Smart
We meticulously evaluate smart contacts on your NFT platform and verify that they are free of beaches and faults by providing smart contact audit services. Security best practices will be published.
Support system for NFT Marketplace
We monitor, manage, & provide support systems for handling & maintaining third-party upgrades, provide new os versions and ensure nodes are always up & operating as part of maintenance services.

Our Process of NFT Marketplace Development

☞ Requirement Gathering

Our professional blockchain developers will collect your requirements and analyse them to come up with the best possible idea.

☞ Research & Planning

Our experts will pursue the research work to identify the risk associated with the project. Next, out team will clearly defines &document the requirements and working plan for the approval stage.

☞ Development Stage

In this stage the real work of NFT development will begin. Our blockchain professional developers perform everything in an organized manner, and also they make sure that the product is built with all the advanced features.

☞ Testing Stage

We test the product in all the harsh environment just to ensure that there is no room for errors and bugs. After the demonstration with you, we will help you to release the product for the user acceptance testing.

☞ Launch and Maintenance 

We will analyze the feedback about the working of the product and if you approve, our team will makes all the improvements as per your suggestion and assist you with the launch. We will also provide maintenance service post the release.

NFT Development Market

NFT for Games
The visual objects in the games offer special gameplay with unusual items such as ammunition, weapons, and upgrade tickets. These assets are unusable when the material used in the game cannot be used in other games. Listed items for NFT have been approved by game developers for use in the game. Developers can write a different character to NFT that they can donate to games that allow game developers to generate their own revenue from NFT.
NFT for Music
Non- Fungible tokens in music
provide an opportunity for the
musicians. They can tokenize their
creation and list in the market. Music is the vertical that has huge followers across the world which enables exclusive music channels for subscriptions. Tokenizing the
unique composition in the
NFT market may evolve as
separate followers for your
platform which also reduces piracy in music.
NFT for the Fashion
NFT is well known in the fashion industry for its unique features with tokens. Consumers can now verify ownership of all accessories and items such as gemstones to eliminate the risk of fraud. Buyers also may know the details of the property, property ownership, and so on. With the introduction of NFT there is an increase in investment into these fashion apparels and there is an increase in market and delivery reliability.
NFT Art Tokenization
Artists play an important role in NFT art tokenization through their signature creation. Digital art is at the forefront of the NFT market by enabling AR / VR implementation. This technology makes the art of finding a market position unique. This digital art is at the forefront of the industry and serves as a key factor in eliminating the NFT market.
NFT Development Platform
NFT development company facilitates the acquisition of collections in digital assets. Each token has its own unique meanings that do not change. Ethereum's standard ERC-721
protocol is common in non-convertible NFT tokens and ERC 1155 enables the creation of new semi-fungible tokens in market transformation.
NFT for Sports
Sports memorabilia is one of the most widely accepted collections on the market. Player cards, goods, autographs, video are rare items that can be registered under invisible tokens. This attracts audiences looking at the platform with a high level of purchase. NBA Top Shot is a digital version of a traditional basketball card.
NFT for Fantasy Sports
Fiction games are a type of game where you call players and build a team and play for real money. This broadcast brings in a lot of money and traffic from the market. Our NFT in fairy tale game is changing the whole system by putting a token on the teams and players with NFT tokens where the user can bid on a player and on real money
NFT for the Real Estate
NFT takes real estate to the next level by making the world visible and making its own. Marking your visible area and listing in the market gives an interested audience the opportunity to bid on your land. Interior design in the real world and computer computing with NFT captures audience interest in your NFT and makes your platform richer.
NFT of Videos
Special video content such as music videos, unusual moments, sports moments can be displayed via NFT.NBA video clips and player tokens are gaining popularity in the distribution of NFT tokens. When the music video get more popular, the prices increase with the attraction of people.

NFT Development Use Cases

NFT Lending Platform
Here, NFT acts as an asset that allows you to borrow money by keeping NFT tokens as collateral for loans. The forum holds an NFT token once a customer has received a loan through a smart contract. Co-operative NFT tokens will be issued after the repayment of the loan in terms of a smart agreement. This is one of the most important features of NFT that allows you to earn money quickly.
NFT Exchange
Our NFT exchange platform offers a wide range of options that enable users to trade and exchange their NFT tokens. The platform is protected under blockchain technology that showcases the many types of NFT tokens available on the market. The platform offers third-party integration of unlimited markets for a wide variety of tokens that go to the market at the best possible price.
NFT for Infrastructure Development
Infrastructure development is also a type of asset where you develop a unique infrastructure for your asset and token it. Our NFT infrastructure includes internal design, infrastructure development, Architecture, carpentry etc. This attracts many industries to participate in your NFT token development platform.
P2P Exchange for NFT’s
Our NFT P2P exchange platform makes the trading of NFTs a beneficial and feasible option as buying and selling. Our platform offers a secured and user-friendly experience for the NFT owners further establishing the NFT community to grow beyond. The huge traffic in a limited NFT exchange platform tend us to offer a P2P exchange platform
NFT for Domain
Domains have never been more valuable or important as they are in 2021. Our Legal Domain Name Services allows a business to get the right recognition. The Ethereum Naming system allows users to exchange their address using their token. Creating a unique domain name with a friendly ride feel.
NFT for Content Subscriptions
We provide an NFT development platform that enables celebrities and public statistics to tokenize their content, photos and videos and provide the public with a subscription where the user has to pay to view their content. This draws their huge fan base towards your NFT platform.
Initial Poster Offering (IPO)
A popular way to raise money on the NFT platform to launch your NFT business. This helps in giving the poster and NFT tokens to buy the poster. Creating your own poster shopping token opens up opportunities for tokens to help elevate your wallet. These NFT posters will have a QR Code or NFC sticker that can be linked to a Blockchain on Etherscan.
Cross-Chain NFT Development
We equip your NFT market with cross-chain capabilities for seamless trade of NFTs across various blockchain networks. Polkadot's multicultural ecolstem allows us to connect to web3 blockchain networks.This is the first feature that enables your market to write and trade in NFT separately blockchain networks.
NFT Marketplace
The NFT marketplace is a profitable niche for business development in the crypto world.The distinctive features of NFT and specification benefit large industries to become a market follower. The NFT marketplace offers NFT tokens of unique collections such as art, sporting goods, the visual world, which attracts a large audience to the visual space.
Crypto Collectibles
In this sudden outburst about these NFT everyone has started talking about these digital collectibles which are being traded for hundreds and thousands of dollars. A crypto collectible is a cryptographic unique non-fungible asset. These collectibles are unique virtual tokens that can signify anything from art to sports mementos. We at Mobiloitte have highly skilled and experienced creators in making these applications and websites. We provide hiring service for our NFT developer technicians. A fungible, scarce digital token that you can share with other people has high utility as currency.
NFT Gaming
The boom of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the new multi-million-dollar headline concept in 2021. There is a huge demand for these unique and scarce assets which have a sudden spike and huge trend in the market. The gaming industry is a massive sector that has the potential to attract people toward it regardless of age. This mega industry has experienced significant growth and with the introduction of NFT gaming the trend will hype for sure. We at Mobiloitte have highly skilled and experienced NFT creators in making these applications and websites. We provide hiring service for our experts
Software License Management
In the world of technology, software is the key of every device to work smoothly. Software license management helps in managing software licenses used throughout the organization. Companies use these software licensing management to analyze the usage and for audit purposes, primarily to make sure that they are using their software which they have purchased. This will help them to keep a track on all the activities of multiple software. We at Mobiloitte have highly skilled and experienced SAM creators in making these applications and websites. We provide hiring service for experts

NFT Marketplace Features

The development of the non-fungible token market involves a combination of market and auction platform. Therefore, it is designed in a way that the user should be able to create collected items and resell them. Listed below are some of the mandatory features of performing basic tasks.


Assortment of information on items such as previews, bids, price history etc.


An important feature to support easy navigation. You will have the opportunity to easily download the item that meets the requirements using tools such as category, listing status, payment method etc.

Creating a List

The collectible creative page is a smooth login page to upload a file and fill out token features like name, tags, description etc.

Listing Status

This feature informs you about finding NFT eligible for easy purchase. Inform the vendor verification process section.


The most important parts of your platform depend on the auction machine. The purchase system should be efficient and easy to use for bidders. Options such as bidding expiration dates and auction listing lists can greatly help users to gain control.


Providing a wallet can be a very convenient option for sending, receiving and storing cryptos and NFT.


A key factor in making a better choice for buying NFTs. Not only do they provide benefits, but they also serve as a reward for top sellers.

NFT Marketplace Development Tech Stack

NFT marketplace combines marketplace and auction platform features. Users should be able to create their collectibles and sell them.

Blockchain Platforms




Binance Smart Chain



Open Chain

Multi Chain




NFT Standards







Front-end Frameworks

React JS

Angular JS

Vue JS

Storgae Platform


Top NFT Marketplace Clone Development

  1. Opensea Clone Script
  2. Axie Infinity Clone Script
  3. CryptoPunks/Larva Labs Clone Script
  4. NBA Top Shot Marketplace Clone Script
  5. Rarible Clone Script
  6. SuperRare Clone Script
  7. KnownOrigin Clone Script
  8. Foundation Clone Script
  9. MakersPlace Clone Script
  10. Nifty Gateway Clone Script

Difference Between ERC721 and ERC1155

ParticularsERC 721ERC 1155
TOKEN CREATIONYou can create only one token in a single contractYou can create multiple token in a single contract
LIMITATIONYou can only create non-fungible token using ERC 721 standards You can create both fungible and non fungible contracts using ERC1155
EFFICIENCYIt reduces the effectiveness of the blockchain network with the redundancy of code. In layman language it uses more storage spaceIt improves the efficiency of the thorium blockchain network by allowing code for a group of tokens to be stored in one place only. This will use less storage space
EASE OF USEIt is expensive and time consuming as it allows a single operation for each transactionIt makes transaction cheaper by allowing multiple operational a single transaction
LOCALIZATION1 language onlyDifferent languages and metadata
TRANFERABILITYSlow, one token at a timeFast, batch transfers contract for infinite token types
RISK OF TOKEN LOSSToken can be permanently loss if non safe transfer method useToken can only be sent to an ERC-1155 capable contracts, preventing accidental token loss

Why Hire Us?

There is a high demand for non-fungible tokens. Among them, Mobiloitte provides customised tokens with an innovative platform tailored to your business needs, as well as highly secure and comprehensive unique business solutions that enable you to create your own non-fungible token independently in a short period of time.We constantly provide clients with services that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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    FAQ( Frequently Asked Question )

    Yes, anyone can create their own NFT Marketplace.


    1. NFT marketplaces are the decentralization platform acting as an online web store running on a blockchain platform like Ethereum, which is being used for storing and selling the non-fungible token in the new digital market era.
    2. NFTs are offered at fixed prices or through bids in auctions. All these marketplaces out there require crypto wallets connected to platforms to carry out transactions.


    1. To develop your first NFT marketplace, you have to have a clear vision about the type of your marketplace, your role as an administrator, Whitepaper, and a roadmap for your project.
    2. Secondly, choose the best service provider for your platform deployment like Blockchain App Factory and lastly, fundraising and token sale before the deployment


    1.The cost of building an NFT marketplace varies depending on the location, a blockchain platform, gas fee, DEX, features of your NFT marketplace, and manpower required to complete the work.
    2. Another half of the budget consists of hours our experts will deploy to accomplish the project


    NFT can be listed in the marketplace for the interest of the audience. The audience may bid for the NFTs, the value of NFT depends on the audience interest and scarcity.


    Fungible tokens can be exchanged with each other as each token holds the same value as does not differ from one another. Non-Fungible tokens cannot be exchanged of their unique standards and specifications.



    NFT are the unique tokens that represent the digitalized unique physical assets like arts, sculptures, and other collectibles in the crypto world


    Our NFT top services are NFT minting, NFT marketplace development, NFT auction portal development, NFT exchange platform development