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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Mobiloitte delivers white-label customizable solutions for Crypto Exchange on a global scale. Our Crypto Exchange development team provides a holistic solution to launch a successful platform for trading cryptos to cryptos, fiat to cryptos.We are one stop shop for blockchain development company that pioneers in developing a complete crypto trading platform with high level of security which includes.
  • Systems encryption
  • SSL
  • Anti-ddos
  • Intelligent system of queer transaction analysis and blocking
  • Real time encrypted data backup

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    CEX Development Services

    Multiple Order Types

    Powerful Trading Engine

    Payment Gateway Integration

    KYC & AML Integration

    CSRF & SSRF Protection

    Multi-crypto Support

    Elliptic-curve cryptography wallet

    DDoS protection and X-XSS-Protection

    Advance Admin Dashboard

    Multi-Signature Wallet

    DEX Development Services

    Robust Smart Contract

    Liquidity Management

    On-chain Governance

    Referral Programs

    Advanced Reporting

    Blockchain Platform Stack


    High TPS and Scalability

    Atomic Swap

    Multi-Sig Wallet

    Features of Crypto Exchange Platform Development

    High Performance

    Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are built with tried-and-tested technology.


    The platform of Cryptocurrency exchange use distributed exchanges, that's why server overload will not harm the network.

    Open Source

    Cryptocurrency exchange development code is open for the user through which you can inspect and audit.

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Users can deposit, send and receive cryptocurrency via Visa, Mastercard, transfers and other methods.

    Two Factor Authentication

    Two-factor authentication is a method of confirming a user’s identity by using two different factors including Private Keys & QR Scanner.

    API Integration

    Enable exchanges with external systems and exchange platforms using powerful and secure APIs developed by your solution. Quickly connect with foreign traders and business accounts.

    Uncompromising Security

    Security is one of the most important aspects of all digital currency exchanges. From SSL usage and dual authentication to security tools, we leave nothing unchanged to protect your system.

    Robust Trading Engine

    Every single cryptocurrency exchange software development we create is equipped with a powerful trading engine. Easily manage your types of orders, limit orders, or manage purchases and sales depending on your business model.

    KYC Compliance

    Our KYC module provides a simple and secure way of user identity and trust management. With this feature users who comply with KYC are prohibited from performing any commercial activity. Also, we can create an automated KYC method that works in conjunction with third-party testing API's.

    Exchange Operations

    1. Centralised Wallet
    2. Centralised Spot Trading Exchange
    3. Centralised Futures Exchange
    4. Centralised P2P Trading
    5. Centralised Marginal/Leverage Exchange
    6. Centralised Options Exchange
    7. Decentralised Exchange with Order Book on Multiple Chains
    8. Non-custodial Wallet Development

    Our focus always stays on safety and security along with faster transaction. Our seasoned Blockchain developers are very dedicated for making easy transaction solutions for:-

    • Bitcoin Trading Platform
    • Binance like customized exchange platforms
    • P2P Exchange
    • Enterprise Blockchain Wallets
    • Wallet for both website and application
    • Cryptocurrency enabled payment gateway
    • Cold/hot wallets

    How Does a Cryptocurrency Exchange Work?

    STEP 1

    User Registration

    STEP 2

    Gets an individual cryptocurrency wallet

    STEP 3

    Stores Cryptocurrencies in this wallet

    STEP 4

    To send money, he conducts a transaction, chooses a receiver

    STEP 5

    Money is transferred upon meeting pre-defined conditions

    STEP 6

    A foreign currency is bought after a cryptocurrency is sold

    STEP 7

    The user receives the funds in the currency of his/her choice into the bank account

    Why Choose Mobiloitte?

    We have experienced and skillful blockchain developers who create solutions for cryptocurrency platforms to create a secure and functional Wallet. Whether you plan to create a Bitcoin wallet or a wallet with multiple cryptocurrencies, Mobiloitte developers are ready to help you to achieve goals.