Solana Blockchain Development

Creating Innovative and Customizable Solana Blockchain Applications for the Modern Digital Landscape

Solana Blockchain Development

Solana is a project that builds a fast blockchain protocol for building decentralized applications and smart contracts. Solana's main goal is to ensure that the decentralized node network matches the given characteristics of a single node. In this case, node interaction should be improved. Solana solves the development problem using several technologies.
Mobiloitte as Solana Blockchain Expert
Mobiloitte is a leading Solana Blockchain Development Company that provides services to build a powerful and faster-decentralized app. The app created by our developers is state-of-the-art and completely secure for both startups and enterprises . Our results-based Solana blockchain development solutions keep well-designed nodes.

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    Solana’s Core Features-

    Proof of history
    The Bitcoin and ethereum blockchain network follows the "proof of work" (proof of work means that every node in the blockchain network will reach an agreement prior to any new installation) approach for allowing and restricting entries on its database.
    Tower BFT
    The BFT system is like a security shield for the solana ecosystem; ensures that the failure of a particular node does not affect the performance of the entire system. This algorithm enables nodes to continue operating even after multiple failures.

    Turbine is a block propagation protocol that breaks down data into smaller amounts - making data transfer easier between nodes. Turbine helps Solana deal with bandwidth-related problems and speed up network processing.

    Gulf stream
    As a new feature that makes Solana Blockchain Open-source up to 65,000 TPS, Gulf Stream works with the mempool concept to serve as a waiting point for the next trade, allowing forward transactions to be confirmed before trading is completed.
    Sea level
    Solana enables multiple smart contracts to run at the same time. This saves time and makes Solana a cost efficient blockchain network. The technology which enables solana to run multiple smart contracts at the same time is known as “sealevel”.
    Pipelining is the most common method used in CPU design. Specifies the process for assigning a series of input data to different hardware for processing. This enables faster performance information to be duplicated and verified faster across network nodes.
    Cloud break
    Solana follows a horizontal scale, a horizontal scale that makes Solana increase its scalability. Cloudbreak organizes a website that can read and write input activity. Cloudbreak is also responsible for establishing the connection between the hardware and the software.
    On Solana, data storage is provided from validators to Archivers, a network of nodes. Archivers do not participate in consensus meetings. The state’s past is fragmented into many pieces and has a clear code.

    Solana Blockchain Development Services-

    dApp Development

    Our developers can help you create highly customized applications that include server-side API, unit testing, web UI, and much more.

    DeFi Applications

    We help improve the confidence of your Defi projects by developing them and deploying them to Solana’s robustly integrated, fast-burning, and low-cost fees.

    NFT Development

    We help you create NFT-based platforms in a variety of fields including music, art, etc. Let’s build a vibrant business marketplace today.

    Smart Contract development-

    We help you create smart contracts based on Solana to build an easy-to-use and secure application after fixing all bugs.

    SPL Token Development

    Mobiloitte helps you create your assets by creating new tokens for the Solana Program Library (SPL). These tokens are exchanged at DEX, which is helpful for the investment and power of Solana dApps. We also edit existing tokens.

    Exchange Integration

    Using Serum, a unique protocol based on Solana, we integrate Solana into Exchanges. Solana integration facilitates cross-chain exchanges, delivers appropriate orders to app users, and avoids artificial disputes.

    Wallet Development

    Mobiloitte provides web and mobile wallet enhancement services for all Solana projects by ensuring that wallets are easy to use, secure, and compliant with payment collection policies and solutions.

    Node Development

    Our node enhancement and maintenance help you connect to Solana mainnet contributes to network security and in turn, help you gain SOL.

    Tech Stack for Solana Blockchain Development

    Solana SDKs
    Our team of developers can provide you with satisfactory programming and development results, as it is readable in all Solana SDK versions, including Java, Swift, Python, Dart, Javascript, Go and more.

    Anchor Frame work
    Our developers have programing experience in Ethereum's Solidity, Truffle, web3.js. Much like Solidity, Solana uses Solana's Anchor Sealevel Runtime framework to provide developers with smart contract tools and dApp development.
    Solana command-line tool
    Our engineers are skilled at using the Solana (CLI) command line tool. CLI is required to partner with the Solana blockchain, create a wallet, send and receive SOL tokens, and transfer stakes. Our developers can build the Solana tool from the source as well.
    C, C++ and Rust
    Solana supports writing smart on-chain contracts using only C, C ++ and Rust programming languages. We have engineers who know these languages well. Using Rust, they developed the Rust modules needed to support Solana-specific approaches to smart contracts.

    Why Choose Mobiloitte for Solana Blockchain Development?

    Mobiloitte as a blockchain development company take your success seriously. With Solana blockchain development, We are delivering high level of scalability by leveraging PoH for a range of DeFi products. Our Solana blockchain app development services cater to your projects need appropriately. Get in touch with us and get started right away.