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Fast. Low Gas Fees. Immutable  – NFT Layer 2 Technology

Feel the excitement of running fast and efficient in your NFT space using the NFT Layer 2 Protocol

NFT Layer 2 is a technology that provides measurement solutions from the main Ethereum series (layer 1) to enable audiences to operate the sale and purchase of NFTs without gas fees. It provides a seamless feel to both users and developers. This layer contributes to accessibility, scalability, and severity without affecting the security and user experience of the platform. It has the ability to make about 9000+ NFT trades per second.
Introducing NFT With Ethereum Layer 2

The blockchain industry has seen significant progress in the cryptocurrency industry over the past few years. Other financial products have been introduced that have changed the way we view the financial sector. In recent months, crypto users have shifted their focus to NFTs. As the NFT base grew exponentially during this period, investment in NFT became larger, leading to congestion and less time to act. As a result of these problems occurring in the NFT domain, the transaction rate has increased significantly. Therefore, crypto users find it difficult to buy and trade NFTs. To solve these problems for our customers, We at Blockchain App Factory will develop the NFT market in Layer 2 protocol.

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    Benefits of NFT Layer 2 Technology

    No Risks Involved

    The implementation of NFT Framework 2 does not include security risks and provides good security by enabling users to control their private keys.

    No Risks Involved

    The implementation of NFT Framework 2 does not include security risks and provides good security by enabling users to control their private keys.

    Trading Funds

    It is entirely the user’s decision to set up their own trading funds. They can control all the trading costs of the platform.

    Low Gas Fee Transactions

    With each NFT design, NFT layer 2 technology allows users to use gas from peer to peer.


    The breadth of this concept is immense. It is claimed that approximately 9000 + NFT trading is possible per second.

    Supports Ethereum Standards

    It fully supports Ethereum standards such as ERC-20 and ERC-721 without problems.

    We Offer These Competitive Benefits

    • There is no fear of stealing; users will keep their own keys.
    • The user creates his own transaction funds.
    • There are no gas costs associated with peer-to-peer transactions.
    • Unusual quality up to 9000+ TPS
    • It is not a central chain of features
    • Complies with ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards
    • Ethereum-secure

    Why Prefer Mobiloitte NFT Layer-2 Development?

    Mobiloitte is unique crypto and blockchain, service provider. With the support of experienced professionals, we carefully review your requirements and provide you with first-class solutions in the market. Our ongoing effort to keep us up-to-date on the market and our out-of-the-box ideas will make you stand out among your competitors. We strongly believe in phase 2 NFT as the near future will definitely need it to overcome congestion and high gas prices. Our NFT market development services with layer 2 solutions are highly suited to meet the growing needs of the market. Also, we guarantee that our services will enable you to lead the NFT race and make you stand out as the best in the crypto space.