Scalable and Robust Titanium Mobile Apps Development That Drive Business ROI Excellence

Lesser time to market with native alike performance 

Titanium is an open source framework for cross-platform development that facilitates creation of mobile apps for different platforms for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platform from a single JavaScript code base.

 At Mobiloitte, we create cross-platform mobile apps with Titanium that aids delivering apps in short span of time. Mobiloitte deliver high-performance cross-platform mobile apps at a considerably low price. 

Why get Titanium applications developed?
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Easy app interaction with web service 
  • High Code Reusability
  • Reduced Development time & cost 
  • Integrating third party APIs
  • Minimal development time 
  • Faster Development
  • Client engagement 
  • Feedback incorporation
  • Consistent communication
Mobiloitte advantages for Titanium development
  • Certified Titanium developers 
  • 7 + years of experience in delivering Titanium apps 
  • Highly proficient developers with expertise working on Titanium Framework
  • Optimum Code reuse for delivering performance 
  • Lesser turn around performance
Technological Expertise 
  • Highly Skilled Appcelerator Titanium developers 
  • Third party API integration such as eBay, Amazon, Yahoo Store, YouTube YouTube, Google, Facebook, Microsoft Azure, PayPal and much more
  • Game development with 3D Graphics 
  • Social media Integration 
Resembling Native 
  • Native alike UI elements 
  • Native alike performance 
Exhaustive Libraries 
  • Pre-coded libraries
  • Implement modules & functions for fast development

Mobiloitte team uses feature-rich frameworks and advanced technologies of Titanium to deliver top-of-the-line applications, catering multi-platform supportive applications and latest functionalities. Mobiloitte has developed exquisitely crafted apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows on Titanium. 

Our Portfolio

Spoon Table   Freedom Pop App

Dudalina App   Clubhead App

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