Native Application Development

The term native app development refers to the development of a mobile application which is specially built for a single platform

Native App Development Company

Native is a Javascript framework that enables a mobile app developer to create a functional and appealing app. The idea behind react-native is simple: write once and execute on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Web). To satisfy our clients' expectations, mobiloitte's programmers work flexibly and focus on their requirements.

The term native app development refers to the development of a mobile application that is specially built for a single platform. The application is built using programming languages and tools that are specific to a single platform. For example, you can develop an Android app using Java or Kotlin, and Swift.

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    Tools We Use for Native Applications

    Native Application Development Use Cases

    Benefits of Mobile Application Development for Businesses

    Smooth performance
    Since the native code is specific to the domain, the native mobile apps work faster. Ideally, this code is directly translated for better and smoother performance.

    Access to advanced features
    Indigenous APIs enable access to information and services on user devices outside of the operating system. Thus, these native APIs used to access contacts lists, calendars, media libraries, and more make it easy to integrate new features and, ultimately, improve your application.

    Full access to hardware
    These customized APIs enable developers to build applications that can directly access device features such as cameras, GPS, accelerometer, microphones, and more. In contrast, OS manufacturers such as Apple severely limit hardware availability in web applications, making them stay within a few steps behind the capabilities of traditional applications.
    Flexible user interface
    Applications that have similarities resulting from the use of APIs are those that are compatible with the highest level of mobile software. There is a similar look on every device of a particular family (iOS or Android) in terms of images, photos, buttons, and more. Therefore, very few users prefer the Android or iOS UI to the integrated look of cross-platform applications.

    A platform-consistent user interface
    The developers of the operating system provide clear recommendations on how to improve the user experience: User Interaction Guidelines for iOS and Important Android Design. Provides a high level of consistency in all applications - users expect apps to behave in a certain way and mobile apps generally live up to these expectations.
    Ability to work with applications in offline mode
    Unlike multimedia and web applications, traditional mobile apps can work offline, so the app's functionality can be used without an internet connection at all. There are many different ways in which an application can be configured to use local data sync with a server once the connection has been restored.

    Native App Development Solutions

    Android Application Development
    Android as an operating system dominates the smartphone market with an average of 1.5 million Android activations daily. The number of Android users is well over 1.4 billion globally presenting a massive user base for businesses to target. Mobiloitte excels in building Android applications that help businesses to monetise their ideas while addressing real-world problems
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    iOS Applications Development
    iOS applications are lucrative for businesses that wish to receive customer attention and generate huge revenues. There were over 100 million iOS apps downloaded in 2015 that generated US $ 3.3 billion in revenue for Apple Store. Mobiloitte has profound expertise in developing scalable & secure iOS applications for Startups, SMEs and enterprise clients worldwide to help meet their business objectives.
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    Process of Our Native App Development

    Our experts of Native Mobile App Development follows the process step-wise so that we can assure the quality of the application, here are the steps:

    • front-end

      Designing the program

    • seo

      Writing the code

    • computer

      Analyzing and testing the program

    • maintenance

      Supporting and updating the app

    Why Native Applications?

    • businessman (1)

      Broad Functionality

    • conversation

      Better Store Support

    • contract

      Increased Scalability

    • ux-design

      High Performance And Great UX

    We serve the following industries:

    • Medical / Healthcare Applications
    • E-Learning / Education Applications
    • Ecommerce Applications
    • Networking over the Internet Applications
    • Entertainment & Media Applications
    • Restaurants & Food Applications
    • Fitness Applications
    • Retail Applications
    • IoT Applications
    • Manufacturing Applications
    • Hospitality & Travel Applications
    • On-Demand Services Applications
    • Purchasing Real Estate Applications
    • Distribution & Logistics Applications
    • Gaming Applications

    Why Choose us for Native Apps Development?

    The Native Apps Developers at Mobiloitte work hard to deliver the most efficient and effective platform that can enhance your business ranking. A few of our Native Apps Development services include designing and developing native applications for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. You can trust your prestigious business in the hands of our Native Apps Development Services, We provide post deployment services to help maintain your application and keep it updated, also the support team is available for 24 hours a day.