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Laravel is a open-source PHP framework, Used for the web applications development following the MVC (Model View Controller) architectural platform. Laravel contains features like modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, a variety of ways for accessing relational database, Utilities that helps  in application deployment and maintenance.

Starting from Laravel’s 1st version launched in June 9, 2011, Mobiloitte has covered the entire journey till the latest version Laravel 5.5, which was launched in August 30, 2017. If you are looking to upgrade your existing solution to the latest version to leverage the robustness of Laravel framework along with latest gems, Mobiloitte is your right partner.

Why get Laravel Applications Developed?
  • Bundles - Bundled features provide easy addition to applications. Laravel 4 uses composer as a dependency manager to add framework-agnostic and Laravel-specific PHP packages available from the Packagist repository.
  • Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) -  An advanced PHP implementation of the active record pattern, providing internal methods for enforcing constraints on the relationships between database objects.
  • Query Builder - Provides direct database access alternative to the Eloquent ORM. Instead of requiring SQL queries to be written directly, Laravel's query builder provides a set of classes and methods capable of building queries programmatically.
  • Application Logic -  An integral part of applications, implemented either by using controllers or as part of the route declarations. The syntax used to define application logic is similar to the one used by Sinatra framework.
  • View -  composers serve as customizable logical code units that can be executed when a view is loaded.
  • Blade Templating Engine - Combines one or more templates with a data model to produce resulting views, doing that by transpiling the templates into cached PHP code for improved performance.
  • Migrations - Provide a version control system for database schemas, making it possible to associate changes in the application's codebase and required changes in the database layout. As a result, this feature simplifies the deployment and updating of Laravel-based applications.
  • Database Seeding - Provides a way to populate database tables with selected default data that can be used for application testing or be performed as part of the initial application setup.
  • Unit Testing  - An integral part of Laravel, Which itself contains unit tests that detect and prevent regressions in the framework. Unit tests can be run through the provided artisan command-line utility.
  • Automatic Pagination simplifies the task of implementing pagination, replacing the usual manual implementation approaches with automated methods integrated into Laravel.
Mobiloitte Advantages 
  • Laravel Consulting & Ideating
  • Enterprise Focus
  • Rapid Application Development & Test Flight enabled Release Process     
  • Unique Solutions with no Jailbreaking code     
  • Performance Oriented Robust Apps     
  • Scalable Architecture     
  • One Stop Solution (Design, Development & Maintenance)
  • Incorporating Latest Technologies Artisan CLI, OAuth, SSH )
Technical Expertise
  • Valet - A Laravel development environment for Mac minimalists. No Vagrant, no Apache, no fuss.
  • StyleCI - StyleCI is the PHP coding style continuous integration service for Laravel.
  • Mix -  Laravel Mix makes front-end a breeze. Start using SASS and Webpack in minutes.
  • Spark - Powerful SaaS application scaffolding. Stop writing boilerplate & focus on your application.
  • Lumen - If all you need is an API and lightning fast speed, try Lumen. It’s Laravel super-light.
  • Statamic - Need a CMS that runs on Laravel and is built for developers and clients? Look no further.
Small glimpse on the latest features of Laravel 5:
  • Directory Structure
  • Authentication
  • Commands and Artisan
  • Route Caching
  • Route Migration
  • File Support
  • System database Migration and Security

Since the inception of Laravel framework, Mobiloitte has adapted it into its PHP web development technologies. This enables Mobiloitte to deliver the effective results to our clients.

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