Mobiloitte Smart Contract Development Company

A smart contract controls the transfer of digital currencies or assets between parties under certain surrounding. Smart contracts guarantee total automation, decentralization, and increased transparency of many online processes. But, there is a need to ensure the security of smart contracts too.

Advantages of Smart Contract Audits :-
  • To call methods on the smart contract
  • To optimize the code
  • To run the code efficiently
  • To re-enforce authorization
Need of Audit your Smart Contract

Hackers can pull digital currencies too. Such hacks create significant implications for the cryptocurrency world. To iron out the kinks, smart contracts need to be audited too.


We employ an industry standard methodology that uses techniques to identify security issues, such as: 

  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic analysis 
  • Manual code review
  • Manual testing`
Why choose us:-
  • Design Patterns
  • Static Analysis
  • Manual Analysis
  • Detailed Report
  • Flaw Remediation
  • Network Behavior
A step towards Smart Contracts Audit by Mobiloitte

Audit of Smart Contracts includes both objective findings from the contract code as well as subjective assessments of the overall architecture and design choices by consulting experts. This audit will evaluate whether the code has been written in a way that ensures readability and maintainability. Also, it will assess if the codebase follows the modern best and established practices for Smart Contracts development.

Mobiloitte Tech-Stack:
  • Java, NodeJS, Python.
  • Web3.JS.
  • Truffle & Open Zeppelin frameworks.
  • Solidity smart contracts and DApps on Ethereum.
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Graphene blockchains.
  • Off-chain solutions.
Security Audit & Fixing

We use many token auditing and analysis tools to validate that the developed smart contract is free from any know risks and follows best security practices. 

The tools that we use are as belows:
  • Mythril - Reversing and bug hunting framework for the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Oyente - Analyze Ethereum code to find common vulnerabilities, based on this paper.
  • Solgraph - Generates a DOT graph that visualizes function control flow of a Solidity contract and highlights potential security vulnerabilities.

Apart from the security auditing and fixing all the uncovered issues and bugs we also do extensive pentest and load testing to further ensure that the developed smart contract and associated DApp are secure enough to be deployed on main net.


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