Security Token Offering (STO) Development

We are the leading service provider in Security Token Offering Development that have helped numerous organizations to achieve their goals.

What is Security Token Offering?

STO stands for Security Token Offering that makes your business flexible, and reliable with its key features. Securities Token Offerings (STOs) combine the benefits of ICOs and IPOs to maintain a complete balance by earning less money while complying with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) guidelines of a particular nation. STO allows projects to raise money by issuing digital security tokens to investors in a contractual manner. STOs are safe and secure forms of crypto investment that benefit both the investor and the issuer, while also guaranteeing fraud against the ICO.

Security Tokens are Crypto tokens that usually drives value from an external asset. Security Token Offerings are built to increase the investor’s trust to invest in various projects.

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    Features of (STO) Security Token Offering

    Solutions We Offer

    Mobiloitte, as a leading Blockchain development company, helps many investors by building their Security Token Offerings. Our Security Tokens empowers investors with financial rights such as:-

    Profit Sharing Rights

    Equity at each level

    Buy-Back Rights


    Types of STO

    • 1423904

      Debt Tokens

    • save-energy

      Equity Tokens

    • tokens

      Reserve Assets Tokens

    We Follow a Simple and theMost Effective Steps to Develop your STO

    • Need for Capital
    • Checking the eligibility
    • The STO is underwriting
    • Setting the price of your STO
    • Checking the Prospectus
    • Presenting it in the market
    • Selling it
    • Your STO is ready

    Security Token Offering Development Methodology

    1- The first step in the process of STO development at Mobiloitte is requirements gathering and outlining business requirements to design efficient applications.

    2- Our team of security token advisors will advise you on site inspections regarding mortgage titles and any other parameters specified by the owner.

    3- We then build customized blockchains with inbuilt smart contracts for better gas prices, congestion of networks and changes in protocols.

    4- Once the token has been developed and the rules embedded in the smart contract, a dashboard for investor management and investor portfolio management will be provided.

    5- Tokens are issued via Security Token Offering (STO) so that investors can purchase compliant tokens under the legal requirements framework.

    6- Once the STO is completed, the token is to be listed on the Security Token Exchanges for investors to trade on the secondary market.

    Why Mobiloitte?

    At Mobiloitte, we just don’t guarantee you to build the best ever STO, But we also pioneer in STO. We also have access to thousands of network of investors. The tokens which we develop offers zero gas price, supports faster transactions.