Why Developing P2P Exchange Software?

The term peer-to-peer is an exchange asset at a crypto marketplace between participants with no central body involvement. By nature, P2P takes a decentralized approach which supports a direct interaction between individuals and groups. This approach simply describes computer networking architecture where each and every peer can act as a server for others as well as with digital currency trading.

How P2P Exchange Works?

  • Buyers and Sellers register on a P2P exchange platform.
  • A proper KYC verification will be done.
  • Buyers then have to place a buy order.
  • A wallet address will be created for the buyer.
  • Then the matching engines will match the buyer with the right seller.
  • The buyer and seller then have to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Smart contract-based escrow holds the seller’s crypto assets to be purchased.
  • Then the buyers make the payment for crypto assets to be purchased.
  • The seller confirms the payment.
  • Escrow releases crypto assets, transferring the same to Buyer’s wallet address.
  • Buyer can transfer the assets to the cold wallet.

Peer to Peer Exchange Development Features

Mobiloitte is offering an all-in-one hybrid system for all advanced traders that will let them trade cryptocurrencies without worrying about the security of funds and information.

  • Powerful Matching Engine The exchange is reinforced with a high-speed engine capable of matching buyers and sellers with minimum latency.
  • Instant KYC and AML Verification Intuitive identity verification system expedites the KYC process while following the right protocol.
  • Multi-Layer Security SSL implementation and two-factor authentication, such as e-mail authentication and Google authentication add an essential layer of security to our P2P exchange platform.
  • Escrow System A secure and trusted smart contract-based escrow system fuels trading between the platform’s users.
  • Dispute Management A robust dispute management system empowers the admin with seamless dispute redressal.
  • Automatic Swap A peer-to-peer swap drives trusted users’ transactions, eliminating the need for a middleman.
  • Multi-Language Support Multi-language support provides global exposure to your P2P exchange.

Why Mobiloitte P2P Exchange Model?

Peer-to-peer currency exchange supports quick transfer and offers considerable savings over banks. P2P exchange development is on the rise at a fast pace by delivering a lower-cost alternative to individuals as well as to small business.

Our P2P Model Include

  • Secure Channel
  • High-Level Security
  • Peer to Peer Trading
  • Large Volume Trading
  • Reliability
  • Customizable UI
  • Secure Channel
  • Higher Revenue From Trading Fees
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