P2P Exchange Development

Mobiloitte delivers optimal solutions for P2P Exchange on a global scale. Our P2P Exchange development team provides a holistic solution to launch a successful P2P Exchange.

With the invention of the peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange system known as Bitcoin, we have an example of a global decentralized payment network with a distributed and publicly-owned infrastructure, operating as a 'permissionless' system. There is a persuasive case that Bitcoin is the first 'killer application' of decentralized computing. One can send and receive bitcoins anywhere in the world in a completely P2P manner, without having to intermediate through a trusted third party, such as a bank. 

Part of the invention for the system was to be able to transfer value over the internet, without an intermediary. So, one of the biggest inventions and problems that it solved was that of the 'double spend' problem.

According to the Coin Market Capitalizations website, as of October 2017, bitcoin's market capitalization (market cap) was nearly $100 billion. 

According to AngelList, more than one thousand startups have been created to leverage Bitcoin and Blockchain-related technologies since the inception of the Bitcoin payment system. Hundreds of large companies, and dozens of governments and universities have become actively involved in researching, testing, and prototyping Blockchain protocols, platforms, and applications.

In particular, the financial services sector has been actively investing in exploring wider applications of distributed ledger technologies (of which, Blockchain is a subset) since late 2015


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