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P2P Exchange Development Services

Cryptocurrency is a trendy talk platform in the current business sector. We come from a digital age, where many industries are advancing to integrate cryptocurrency into their business because of its high efficiency, fast transactions, and cheapness. In particular, the peer-to-peer forum comes with a process that is more practical, more secure, and more confidential. We at Mobiloitte, have a team of blockchain professionals, who have worked with several business companies, and helped them achieve their goals successfully. We offer reliable solutions with white labels and strive to build you a strong, dangerous P2P exchange platform with advanced blockchain technology.

Build a decentralized, reliable P2P crypto exchange platform with Mobiloitte’s experts. Pick your phone and ring us.

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    Our P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Features

    Multiple Cryptocurrencies
    Our platform is integrated with multiple cryptocurrency support like BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, etc.
    Multi-Language Support
    The platform provides multilingual support, thus providing worldwide access to your P2P platform. We aim to provide the best useful information to all customers, in all corners and corners of the world.
    Dominant Trading engine
    Our team of professional engineers will provide you with a powerful, highly secure trading engine, capable of matching buyers and sellers without any expiration time.
    Automated KYC & AML verification
    Automatic KYC / AML enables administrators to verify user-profiles quickly and efficiently, helping to avoid scams and verify real exchange users.
    Crypto Swaps
    The crypto swapping option allows the users to carry out a reliable trading process, eliminating involvement from any third parties. Transactions can be done or terminated altogether, to avoid breach of agreements.
    Payment Gateway Integration
    Customers can send and receive payments through various payment methods within the forum so that they can trade quickly and effectively.
    Multi-Factor Authentication
    Multi-Factor Authentication features such as email authentication or Google 2FA, are enabled for both the admin and the users to conduct secured transactions.
    Admin Panel
    A secure admin panel is inbuilt for efficient management of crucial components such as escrow and dispute management
    Preferred Trading
    This feature allows customers to choose their preferred sellers and vice-versa. This ensures a more secure, smooth trading process.

    Features to be Consider

    In the financial or trading industry, strong and measurable features attract the attention of users. They don’t want any glamorous performance that doesn’t serve a purpose; instead, they need something that simplifies their overall knowledge. Set up effective and efficient features with your software development company and ask for their suggestions for continuous improvement. Here are some factors to consider in the development of P2P cryptocurrency exchange.

    Allow users to create an account locally and provide them with a quick demo of how the platform works and where they can find each option in terms of functionality.
    Allow users to manage their trading from their account showing their stats. They can filter data for various parameters such as price, date, type, and more.
    Easy KYC
    Allow users to authenticate in forums with as little detail as possible. Feasible Payments: Allow users to easily use multiple payment options such as credit cards, gift cards, etc.
    Advanced Search
    Allow users to search for the perfect buyer/seller in a location based on a variety of factors.
    Multiple Cryptocurrency
    Allow users to trade for more than one currency as the market grows and people have interests.
    Enhanced Security
    Allow users to trade securely on the platform; you can combine two-factor authentication for added security.
    Real-Time Payment
    Allows platform users to receive real-time goods and money with the help of an escrow system and a robust trading engine.
    Allow users from all over the world to use the forum as the choice of one language can create difficulties in understanding immigrants.

    Tech Stack

    For Application & Data Purposes

    jQuery, Python, PHP, Cloudflare, Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Modernizr, Ruby, Go, js, Select2

    For Various Utilities

    Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Visual Website Optimizer

    For DevOps Purposes

    New Relic

    For Business Tools

    Gmail, Intercom, AdRoll

    Why Mobiloitte for your P2P Exchange Development?

    We have a team of almost 400 members and out of that around 60 members are dedicated Blockchain developers wherein around 10 are good with Solana as we have trained them In-house. So, you get all support under the same roof, if we are working together. 

    – We have worked more than 140000+ hours here on Upwork.

    – We have worked and delivered more than 4500+ projects across multiple business verticals and industries.

    – Availability: 40+ hours/week

    – Direct Access to developer

    – Daily Work updates and code submission