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With an upsurge in the cryptocurrency prices, there is a niche market shaping up very fast.  More and more people or startups want to leverage this technology by offering different solutions.

Some of them are –
  • Launching a light weight cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Using the power of tokens to use them as loyalty points for different retail systems.
  • Helping the owners of these coins to take loans while keeping the ownership intact with them.
  • Launching own tokens using different platforms and then later on converting them into points which can  be redeemed against other cryptos.

The new era of blockchain technology brings many possibilities. It feels nostalgic as the same happened when www (world wide network) started taking the shape. Just like the communication took a giant leap, this new technology is capable to further push transactions to a new level.  Welcome to the era of de-centralized ledgers or apps!

Cryptocurrency Exchange:

The associated blockchain technologies can be used to design, develop and launch a super light weight cryptocurrency exchanges where the users can trade easily.  These are peer-to-peer exchanges where users can trade among themselves easily.  Looking at the volatility of cryptos, it is imperative to keep a track on the performance of coins.

Not just the exchange, several additions can be done which can help the users to transact more easily with intelligence, using AI.  On the surface, it may appear deterrent to the exchange norms, but if you look at the application of AI over MACD, Bollinger Bands, Stochastic, Ichi Moku and several others, it can really provide rich experience to the users of exchange.  Afterall, more the transactions, more the commission exchange will make.

If you are interested to know more about this, please Contact Us and we will be happy to develop one for you.

Power of Tokens as Loyalty Points:

We are working on different solutions which aim to leverage the power of tokens as loyalty points.  The possibilities are unlimited and can open up a whole new world in the retail industry.  This would not just be the loyalty points but can also be a road to a great financial success for both customers and merchants.

Interested in converting your existing loyalty setup into a full fledged token based loyalty program?  Please contact us and we will be happy to consult and provide you excellent solution.

Loan Against Coins:

With the up-surge in coin prices, it is lucrative and easy for anyone to encash the coin against money.  It certainly is a good short term solution, but who wants to loose coin whose prices are continuously going up?  Blockchain blended with escrow, provides an excellent solution.  It is a solution through which coin owners can simply take loan and still keep the ownership intact.  Welcome to this blended world of escrow and blockchain!

If you have something similar in your mind, please get in touch and we will be happy to provide consultancy along with a solution.

Launching Own Tokens, Give them a value and Exchange with other Cryptos.

At the onset, your tokens may not have value.  But it is possible to launch easily and then build the brand to give a value to tokens.  It is a snowball, just roll it and will take a shape automatically.  Needless to say that it requires several associated marketing efforts to gain value of tokens.  Launching tokens is possible now.  You can build several other solutions to help the users to encash the tokens against cash, products or other cryptos.

If this rang bell, then please contact us and speak with our consultant for a solution.

Mobiloitte has established a core team with experience in blockchain along with several solutions under different industry verticals.  This has given an added advantage.  This team at Mobiloitte can now link blockchain with several solutions, keeping the scalability in mind.

For all your requirements of cryptocurrency exchange development, launching tokens on block chain, give a shape to your existing loyalty program blended with tokens on blockchain, please contact Mobiloitte.  We will be happy to consult and give a shape to your next dream on blockchain.

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