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Nowadays many organizations are facing a huge problem with their data from many sources than ever before. This results in making the organizations rethink their approach of traditional enterprise storage and architecture to utilize their strategy with the use of Big Data technology. Starting from storing these huge amount data till managing the data. We could say Big Data Analytics Solutions provides more significant and efficient opportunities to the organizations.

We at Mobiloitte, have the expertise in big data tools and provides a well-optimized way to filter the data which an organization collects each and every day. Our experts have a unique way to develop big data analytics solutions that can analyze each and every piece of data and information from the huge mountain of data before taking any critical business decision.

Mobiloitte Big Data Analytics Solutions

Apache Hadoop

An open source framework allowing distributed processing of a large number of data sets collected by an enterprise. Hadoop provides massive storage for all types of data sets, high-end data with the ability to process more powerfully and virtually handling concurrent works.

Apache Hive

Enabling clients to undertake advanced jobs on the Hadoop distributed file system. This also allows SQL developers to program Hive query language statements, enabling summarizing the data more easily and analyzing a large amount of data.

Apache Mahout

Our experts are specialized in building space for creating more scalable apps that meet the user requirements. We offer efficient apache mahout and proficiency in using machine learning algorithms, making a good sense out of all collectible data.

Apache Pig

Our experts use pig to complete Hadoop jobs in spark and MapReduce. We help enterprises navigate complexities and ensure high-quality data.

Apache Zookeeper

This is an open source project which deals with maintaining config information, naming, as well as providing group services which deployed on Hadoop cluster to administer the organization.

Apache Kafka

We have an expert team in building enterprise-grade streaming apps as well as for streaming data pipelines, providing opportunities to drive more helpful business outcomes.

Apache Spark

In order to make your business stay ahead and to gain more business benefits. Our experts provide processing and analysis to support big data apps using machine learning streaming analytics.

Mobiloitte experts deliver big data analytics solutions and big data consulting services to help you in strengthening your business foundation and help the organization in improving operational efficiency and lower the risks.

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