IoT Apps Development

IoT Applications and Use Cases catered by Mobiloitte

Estimates of the future market size of the IoT cover a broad range, but most pundits agree it will dwarf any other market. In mature markets today, the ultimate, pervasive consumer device is a mobile phone.

Mobiloitte caters to the following applications/use cases:

  • Machine-to-machine communication
  • Machine-to-infrastructure communication
  • Telehealth: remote or real-time pervasive monitoring of patients, diagnosis and drug delivery
  • Continuous monitoring of, and firmware upgrades for, vehicles
  • Asset tracking of goods on the move
  • Automatic traffic management
  • Remote security and control
  • Environmental monitoring and control
  • Home and industrial building automation

IoT Application Development

“Smart” applications, including cities, water, agriculture, buildings, grid, meters, broadband, cars, appliances, tags, animal farming and the environment, to name a few

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