IoT Security and Blockchain

One of the major challenges which IoT is facing today is its security model. IoT architecture is based on client/server model. All devices are identified, authenticated and connected through cloud servers that support huge processing and storage capacities. The connection between devices will have to go through the cloud, even if they are few inches apart. […]

IoT Solutions through AI

Enable The Full Promise Of The IoT Through AI

With the advent of IoT (Internet-of-Things), the adoption of this technology across different industry vertical is rapidly increasing worldwide. This innovative technology creates new networks of products and services and unfolds splendid business opportunities with new business models. The resulting transformation is ushering in a new era of how companies run their operations and engage […]


IoT in Smart Agriculture

By 2050, world population expected to reach around 9.5 billion mark. Based on a United Nations FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) report the overall volume of food production worldwide will have to increase by nearly 70% in 2050 to keep up with the rapidly growing global population. The need of the hour is to consistently increase […]


Empower your business with React.JS Development

In this technologically advancing arena, developers always look down for a framework and tool that speed up the development process and at the same time imparts with quality development. At present, the React has created a hype among the developers, having distinct features and numerous technical advantages. As we understand, how the tedious and tricky […]


IoT Workplace Policy

The IoT is the growing network of connected devices. There’s a lot of concern about Internet of Things security – or lack of security – today. Internet of Things devices include smart phones, coffee makers, programmable thermostats, smart TVs, and medical and other wearable devices. Devices are embedded with sensors that allow data to be collected. They’re […]