IoT in Retai

Real-life Scenarios of Retail Stores Boosting Revenue with IoT?

The “brick and mortar” retail stores are facing a tough competition from “brick and click” stores. The e-commerce industry facilitated by technology has given retailers a run for their money. To thrive in such a competitive environment, retailers have to take leverage of emerging technologies. Internet of things is one such technology which will largely […]

IoT in Healthcare

How can Medical Practitioners and Patients be benefited from IoT?

Internet of Things is finding application in a wide variety of industries and bringing about transformational changes in the way business is conducted. For the healthcare industry, call it “Internet of Medicines”, will give patients immediate and continuous access to information about their state of health. The Internet of Things will materialize the concept of […]

IoT in Manufacturing

How Automating Manufacturing Processes with IoT Enhances Production?

There is a paradigm shift in the way business is conducted as more and more organizations are deriving value from their data to make intelligent business decisions. This data-driven business environment is facilitated by the rise of Internet of Things. The manufacturing industry is one of the key benefactors of Internet of Things technology. According […]

IoT in Hospitality

IoT changing the face of Hospitality, Let’s see How?

The hospitality industry is ruled by the experience of the customer. Providing a memorable experience to exceed customer’s expectations requires delivery of seamless, personalized service. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is bringing about transformational changes in every industry; hospitality industry is no different. There are two aspects of IoT implementation in the hospitality industry, […]