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Digital Transformation of Pharma R&D

In today’s world, where mobile applications are available for everything, pharmaceutical sector also leveraging with the technology. Mobile applications with advanced computing abilities are becoming essential part of every sector of pharmaceutical industry from R&D to logistic and supply-chain management. Internet of things (IoT) and BOTS are the new technologies that has been combined with […]

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Digitizing Transportation Business

Pros of Digitizing Transportation Business with real-time Data Sync on Cloud

The transportation business is one of the most demanding businesses as it involves safe and timely delivery of the goods while meeting the expectation of the customers. The transporter has to address multiple challenges such as transportation vehicle management, driver management, ensuring the safety of the shipment, sharing information with different vendors, suppliers, and customers. […]

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Digital & Cloud for Traditional - Mobiloitte Blog

Why Traditional processes must be replaced with Digital and Cloud Computing?

  The digital revolution has been long transforming businesses and now many organizations have reached digital maturity wherein they are implementing digital innovations. The new digital technologies such as social media, mobile apps, and analytics opened up new revenue streams for the businesses. There are many benefits offered by adopting digital processes backed by cloud […]

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Digital Education

How is Digital revolutionizing the Education landscape?

According to Gartner Inc., the global higher education sector technology spending will exceed US$ 38.2 billion in 2016. Technology is all set to transform the education landscape by providing a digital ecosystem which will solve the challenge of providing scalable personalized learning. One of the biggest roadblocks in an individual’s education is that every student […]

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