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StableCoin Development Company

Stablecoins are another class of cryptocurrency that was made to give stability in terms of cost and are supported by a pool asset. Stablecoins are intended to handle the intrinsic unpredictability seen in cryptocurrency costs.

Extreme inflation has been considered one of the biggest obstacles to even the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. On the seller’s side, price volatility presents many of the risks of cash flows while on the consumer’s side the dominant idea is to hold on instead of spending money. Stablecoins, on the other hand, are different. They are a form of cryptocurrency-like cryptocurrency, designed for use. What makes them ‘stable’, is that the value of the coin is linked to another asset.

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    Features of Stablecoin

    Stablecoins comes with the benefits of cryptocurrencies such as transparency, security, consistency, wallets, quick transactions, low cost and protection without compromising on reliability.
    With decentralized feature, stablecoins ensure a reliable environment for P2P exchanges to take place without the need to use an unexpected cryptocurrency like Ethereum to transact.
    Widespread Easy Exchange
    Stablecoins provide a great advantage to the crypto holders in a market in terms of trading their cryptocurrency to a stablecoin without changing cryptographic money to fiat.

    Our Stablecoin Development Services

    Stable Coin Consulting
    Our consultation session helps you better understand the hope of your blockchain project based on stablecoin. Our blockchain experts build a roadmap for your project, explaining market statistics, business and technology strategy, development process and delivery.
    White Paper Writing
    To help you better position your stablecoin offering in the market, experts in our article will create a comprehensive white paper conducted by your target audience research, which clearly describes the power of your project as a solution to a real-world problem.

    Stablecoin Creation
    We build fiat-backed stablecoins, crypto-currency backed, commodity-backed and supported gemstones. Our team also created stablecoins with multiple securities with a state-divided administration.

    AML / KYC Payment and Services
    Our team also provides clients with payment services, which can extend stablecoin offerings with multiple payment options. We offer a combination of AML / KYC services that allow you to browse investor profiles.
    Community Support Management
    We have a dedicated team that provides community support with ticket systems, instant chats and crypto forums. We guarantee that investors' questions are answered promptly.
    Interaction with Multiple Ecosystems
    There are a couple of standards like ECR1155 and 721 which help these digital collectors in generating these non-fungible tokens.
    Fiat-backed Stablecoin
    We create stableatins supported by Fiat for various currencies, including USD, EURO, GBP, and other popular currencies. These stablecoins are very stable and medium, regulated by strict rules.
    If you want stablecoins that are classified, transparent, and high-value, we attach coins to cryptocurrencies. In this regard, we also provide intelligent contract development services.
    Commodity-backed Assets
    We help you create and present stable coins identified on stable assets such as Diamonds, Gold, Silver and other gemstones. These stable currencies are stable, reliable and subject to audit.

    Use Cases of Stablecoin

    Effective Repetition and P2P Payments

    Using Stablecoins in recurring payments, especially for international employees, eliminates significant costs.

    Smart Escrow

    Stablecoins, as it is more flexible than other types of cryptocurrencies, can be used on Escrows based on smart contracts.

    Daily Payments

    Stablecoin is a digital currency that is not only legally supported, but also secure. As a result, they offer easy access and can be used for daily payments.

    Quick and Affordable Shipping

    Using Stablecoin, immigrants can send money back home, to their loved ones, at a much lower cost and with no price fluctuations they will have to carry.

    Permissioned Blockchain networks

    Stablecoins allows banks and any other Blockchain network allowed to make transactions without additional price fluctuations.

    Enables dApps

    Stablecoins can be used to empower visual apps and games because they are supported by assets and can be used instead of real money.

    Here are some of the top StableCoins that have brought change to the world

    Tether (USDT) Tether (USDT) is the first widely accepted stablecoin and issued on the Bitcoin blockchain. The entire Tether unit is backed by the US dollar held at Tether Limited Reserves. The company has even published its bank account and balance on the “transparency” page of its website. USDT is also available for trading on the most important exchanges; however, it has seen a decline in market share in recent weeks due to increased competition in the stablecoin area. Its market still looks impressive with $ 1.7 billion.
    TrueUSD (TUSD) ERC20 stablecoin supported by USD fully secured, publicly verified, and officially protected from a third-party audit. Also, many escrow accounts can reduce the risk and provide legal protection for token holders. Using smart token contracts, TUSD guarantees a 1: 1 ratio. Although the TrustToken framework provides policy validity, it is less available than TrueUSD (TUSD).
    BitCNY (BITCNY) BitCNY is a market-based asset based on Yuan China based on the Bitshares Blockchain. These stablecoins are also available in a variety of versions, including bitEUR and bitUSD. Supported by BTS, the minimum bit bitsets is 2x. For example, you have to set a $ 200 BTS contract to borrow a $ 100 bitUSD.
    USD (USDC) Currency USD Coin is also one of the most stable stablecoins on the market. It is an ERC 20 token, denoted 1-1 in US dollars and presented by the CENTER consortium and Circle. Verified external companies check their set accounts every month. A month after its launch, USD Coin has raised $ 132 million in the stock market.
    DAI (DAI) This stablecoin uses a unique way to keep its price up. Unlike other fiat-sponsored currencies, it uses the system of smart credit agreements (CDP) supported by Ethereum. Through DAI, anyone around the world can choose the money they can put their trust in. Since each DAI is always backed by a bond, you do not have to worry about its price going up or down.

    Why Choose Mobiloitte for your Stable Coin Development?

    Hire an individual expert from our pool of stablecoin and blockchain developers and deploy your stablecoin in the crypto industry. The chosen developer is guaranteed to provide reliable support throughout the entire process. We help all types of industry, from start-ups to large enterprises, in upgrading their business by letting them hire our resources.