Web Application Development Trends

Web Application Development Trends in the IT industry

IT industry things have quickly changed in the web development sector in recent years. The numerous trending technologies have been registered in market, in market making many businesses best in their services. It is good if you have a business to keep track of the trending technology to be able to compete favorably. In the article below I have compiled a list of trending web app development technology that can benefit your business.

Artificial Intelligence

When people were thinking about future technology AI was the first technology people wished to have. Now in 2018 AI technology is readily available. Google is the first company to introduce AI technology it built a program known as AlpoGO. Microsoft and Facebook companies have also launched their AI technology to be used by people. Wikipedia’s are using this technology to identify and collect damaged articles. Taking an example Al drive website creation, the AI website designer can create a website for you; you just need to feed it with the relevant information.

Internet of Things

These are objects which are connected without the internet they are feed with network connectivity to receive and send data. They have different varieties they can be e.g. sensors on motors or sensors created to detect weaknesses. Web developers should be able to know applications necessary to analyze data that can be used to connect with IOT.

Static website generator

This creates websites from plain text, the website is not saved in databases instead it is saved in files. Static website generator ensures ease handling of traffic, reliable security, and fast speed. The negative side of it is that it does not give user content such as comments.


Blockchain technology is developing steadily giving business owner’s confidence in their websites. The hypothesis of blockchain is the idea of database that is regularly recycled. The records in blockchain are shared by millions of computers and there is no central party commanding the data. This makes the saved data secure because it is impossible to destroy the blockchain in all computers. The data in blockchain is available to the public and it’s very hard to hack.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality was also among long waited technology. This year the gaming industry has introduced VR, the Vive and Oculus Rift making gaming industry so interesting. This is not the end of VR, it’s just a beginning. Mozilla and Google are on work to introduce this technology in web. This makes people expect to see web developers using this technology to develop applications.


Here you can see the web application development trends that are currently in the market and implementing these trends in will help you in making business and better customer experience. These new ways will benefit business owners to sustain a long-term relationship with their existing clients.


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