Vue.js vs Angular: The best JavaScript framework to choose

Vue.js vs Angular: The best JavaScript framework to choose

The javascript frameworks are changing the scenario of front-end development. They are claiming to have the potential of building cross-platform mobile apps with very much ease and better future considerations. As we all know, not all of the JS frameworks are enjoying the same spotlight in the marketplace. While many new frameworks like Vue and Ember have entered the market and are gaining momentum with their exceptional options, a framework like jQuery and Aurelia are losing their charm in the JS.

In these scenarios where JavaScript are losing their market at a considerably higher pace than they enter into the market. While we are talking about the JavaScript frameworks to consider in 2019. Looking at the two popular frameworks Angular and Vue.js and let’s see how these 2 frameworks are being the best framework to choose.

So let’s have a brief introduction about both Angular and Vue.js





Release Date

2016 September

2014 February

Support Form



Misko Hevery Evan You

Latest Versions

Angular 7.2.12

Vue 2.6.10

Programming Language TypeScript


App Size

167 KB (in production)

1.2 MB (in development)

30.67 KB (in production)

279 KB (in development)

Learning Curve


Less Steep


Comparatively High








Data Binding






Code Reusability

Yes Yes, HTML and CSS

Angular is an open-source framework considered for building dynamic websites and apps. This framework falls under the category of MEAN stack and is supportable with a wide range of code editors. Vue.js is also an open-source framework created by Evan you for handling the challenges associated with Angular and React JS frameworks. This framework is well popular in the market for developing simple page web apps.

Many reputed applications are using these frameworks for making more profits:-

Vue.js vs Angular: The best JavaScript framework to choose
Vue.js vs Angular: The best JavaScript framework to choose

Benefits of Choosing Angular Development Framework:-

Testing and Maintenance:- Angular IO framework comes with advanced refactoring and debugging options that aid developers in the testing and maintenance process.

Server-side rendering;- Angular JS framework offers better Server-Side Rendering (SSR) highlights that improve the page speed on the customer side. This makes the JS structure more SEO-accommodating.

Tools and Filters:- The Angular framework makes it conceivable to effortlessly mix different devices and channels into the improvement condition. This conveys a rapid front-end understanding.

Separation of concerns:- Angular pursues the MVC show, which makes it useful for partition of concerns and cleaner quicker advancement.

Update scope with CLI:- As we have already seen in our previous article React vs Angular which was published a few days ago, Angular CLI is easy to install and use. It also helps mobile app developers to complete and update all the app components, using the Angular CLI.

Deep Linking Module:- The Angular framework provides developers with an extensive linking module for single page app development that assists in the understanding of how AJAX works and introducing its advantages into your app project.

These are some of the factors which drive one to choose Angular framework and let’s see some of the benefits of Vue.js to consider as your front-end development requirement.

Benefits of Choosing Vue.js Development Framework:-

Ease of Learning:- Vue.js is one of the most popular and the trending framework in 2019. The CLI of this framework is very basic and easy to use while comparing with other frameworks.

Memory Consumption:- An app developed using Vue.js is easy and is very light not more than 18 KB after zipping. This is the main reason for most of the app developers to go with this framework as this consumes less memory.

Download Speed:- Since the app size is minimal, the Vue.js – based apps are faster to download as compared to others.

Readability:- Being written in JavaScript and having the property of clean codes, this framework make it easier for anyone to read and understand the code to take the development process faster

Server-Side Rendering:- Just like angular frontend development framework, Vue.js also offer the option of server-side rendering. This improves the speed of the working of pages on the client end, which eventually results in better user experience.

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Factors to determine the right development option – Vue.js and Angular:-

Architecture:-  Angular implements the MVC and MVVM for creating dynamic websites and web apps, whereas Vue.js primarily focuses on the ViewModel and shows limited data. This makes Vue.js become inferior to angular in the development world.

Popularity:-  According to a survey the people who were unaware of Vue.js has reduced from 5% to 1% in just one year. This shows the popularity of Vue.js.

Learning Curve:-  For developing an app with Angular frontend framework, one needs to be expert in concepts like TypeScript and MVC. But in the case of Vue, it offers inbuilt app templates and higher customization which makes it easier than Angular and React.

Scalability:-  Angular has a proper modular development structure while Vue.js employs template-based syntax, which reduces the reusability of code in large-size apps. This makes Angular the winner.

Complexity:-  Since Vue.js has been developed much later than various other JS frameworks including React and Angular JS, Vue.js is much simpler than Angular in terms of design and API.

App Size and Loading Time:-  Despite the fact that the ongoing Angular versions have attributes like AOT aggregation and tree-shaking which lessens the application size to an extensive rate, an Angular-based application is still not as light as the one created utilizing Vue structure. What’s more, since stacking time depends intensely on application measure, Vue.js versatile application guarantees quicker stacking.

In this way, Vue drives the correlation between the two most well known JS frameworks.

TypeScript Support:-  Angular is exceedingly coordinated with TypeScript – the updated variant of JavaScript. It is unimaginable to expect to code in Angular biological system without Typescript. While, when discussing Vue.js, JavaScript is considered for composing codes. Be that as it may, it likewise gives Vue.js designers official typings and authority decorator to effectively work together TypeScript highlights into Vue advancement condition.

App Performance:-  In terms of web app development and mobile app development, the performance level is directly associated with DOM. While Angular uses real DOM in which the complete web/app page is rendered even on changing the single component. Vue.js works with virtual DOM in which changes reflected on the real DOM only on those components that are modified. This makes the app performance faster and here the winner is Vue.js.

Flexibility:- Vue.js when compared with Angular, provides developers with official support for a wide range of build systems with no constraint upon the app structure. This shows Vue.js is a better option in terms of flexibility.

Ease of Deployment:- Notwithstanding when the progress from advancement to send is very simpler in Angular application improvement, it is as yet required to concentrate on composing a “decent” Angular application. Else, it is hard to harvest the advantages of apathetic stacking, Ahead-of-Time accumulation (AoT), module framework and other related highlights.

Though, on account of Vue.js, you can either bring anything into your application condition or construct an intricate neighborhood setup (made utilizing Vue CLI) which manages the code improvements. You can utilize apathetic stacking of segments and even pre-order the formats effectively accessible on Vue.js. This makes the aggregation procedure in Vue.js system a lot simpler than that accomplished in Angular.

When to choose Vue.js for App Development:-

  • If you are building up a lightweight and single-page application.
  • Need rapid and execution.
  • Application venture extension is on the little side.
  • You need a prior passage to the market.
  • You are partial to clear code.

When to Consider Angular for your App project:-

  • You are building up a substantial, dynamic and complex application venture.
  • A constant application like Instant informing and Chat application.
  • If you require simple and dependable versatility.
  • You have room schedule-wise to learn TypeScript before the task starts.
  • You are partial to Object-situated programming.

This makes the end of the blog. We have looked into the factors that can help in deciding the proper javascript framework among Vue.js vs Angular for your app development needs. If you are still confused in which framework to choose for your app then don’t worry Our team, with their years of experience in app development for different business verticals and needs, will guide you in considering the right factors and thus, launching a profitable mobility solution in the market.