IoT in research laboratories

Role of IoT and Digital Solutions in Research Laboratories

In a nutshell, The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices loaded with electronics, sensors, actuators, software and connectivity which converts physical control over devices into a computer or mobile app-based system. Simply it’s a network between devices, to collect and exchange data to create an opportunity for more direct integration to improve efficiency and reduce human intervention.

IoT is widely used in automation has changed the way in which research laboratories are functioning today by helping researchers to utilize their time more efficiently and effectively. Usually, when IoT and digital solutions are talked about, saving time is the only benefit which is highlighted to the users. However, it has many other benefits that can have a visible impact on the performance of the lab.

Climate control: In tissue culture laboratories, standardization and monitoring of climatic conditions in incubation chamber are very significant. A little fluctuation in temperature, pH, humidity or light intensity for a while can alter the process and completely modify the quality of the final product. Different climate sensors and IoT setup and app-driven monitoring can control and monitor these parameters.

Lab Instrument control: Plenty of instruments are there in research labs and controlling and monitoring of these instruments is quite hectic and time-consuming task. Sometimes researcher have to be in the lab late-night because they have to switch-off a running instrument for an ongoing experiment. With the help of IoT and App, instrument can be controlled and monitored from anywhere without physical presence.

Data storage and security: Research data that is stored on paper might get lost, burnt, stolen, soiled, or washed off but Information stored in cloud servers are safe and encrypted. Multiple security layers and access-right authentication systems make all the data practically unreachable to undesirable sources.

To sum up, these are the major areas where IoT and digital solutions can be a major game changer as well as some other fields like inventory control, manuscript formatting, easy access of e-journals, e-books on an app can also be provided by these solutions.