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Questions To Ask Your Client Before You Build Their Mobile App

So your business builds mobile apps for a range of business clients. Lot’s of potential projects coming your way. When we talk to busy mobile app development businesses they tell us one of their biggest challenges is getting the mobile app build project properly scoped. Too many projects become too organic with new requirements throughout the life of the project. Sometimes it becomes more difficult due to the rise of many ideas on what do develop. So instead of all these problems, we are providing you with a few best questions which one mobile app development company should ask the clients.

It usually starts with your new clients coming to you with a great idea for a mobile app that will help revolutionize their business and reach out to existing customers and to a whole of new customers.

Let’s see some questions which a mobile app development company should ask the clients before developing their mobile app.

Can you give a brief description of the mobile app in a few sentences?

This is just to check how well the customer understands his/her project. The better they understand their project the more confidence you will get in developing their mobile app. This helps in knowing the exact focus of the app.

Who will be their target users?

What will be the main objective of the app? What problems will your app resolve? On what devices or platforms will your app run? As there is a big demographic difference between the Android and iOS platform.

What will be the risks during a mobile app build?

Creating a risk register as a part of the project kick-off and being disciplined to keep this up to date is a good idea, even for those apps which seems simple. There should be an owner for all the risks and managing those risks.

What is the budget?

Mobile projects are really difficult to estimate a budget, but for the scope of the project, there should be a range within which the project should be completed. The app development company and the client have to agree on the ongoing budget once the app is live. There will probably be hosting costs, ongoing optimization of the app on-boarding and in-app use, discovery optimization, push notification services. Knowing how much ongoing work the app will require could also influence how much the app development company will ask in the initial phase.

Who are the key stakeholders?

Here the app development company has to clear, who is the budget holder? Who is the project owner? What will be the decision making stages? With whom the client has to work with post app launch?

What does success look like at each stage of the process?

Building this into a number of smaller phases, with approval phases the app development company need to go through many bureaucratic. This saves time, money as well as enhance the anxiety of the development company to build the app.

What are the business objectives for the mobile app?

What the core features and functions of the app, what platforms it needs to run on and what analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you need to track once the app goes live.

Who will the app compete with?

There may be a no direct competitor doing exactly the same thing, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways that people are solving the problem that they have.

What are underlying assumptions?

Does the app run on both mobile and tablet? How back compatible does it have to be when moved from android 8.0 to Android 9.0 or from iOS 8 to iOS 9.? Does the app work offline? What languages does the app will support? Will the app connects with wearable devices?

What are the data points that the client will need to get from the app?

The clients are always concerned about the following data points:-

  • How many downloads?
  • On which platform?
  • The ratio of push notifications activated?
  • How many downloads are actually fully installing?
  • What features are being used most?
  • How frequently is the app being used?
  • How many transactions have completed?

What is the monetization strategy for the app?

If the app is a B2E app, solving the internal problem for a business to improve staff productivity, then there is still return on the investment business case. If it is designed to increase revenue for the business, how it going to do that? In-app purchase? subscription model? will feature be unlocked with staged payment? Agreeing on the MVP and building the Backlog of features acid testing each feature and function against the business goal will mean you’re focused on doing the important things in priority order.

How the app will be found when it is ready to go live?

If it’s B2E app, this may not be important, but for B2B and B2C apps getting found in Google Play Store and the App Store is going to be important to draw users to the app. Don’t think this is an afterthought. It’s not. You have to think of this at the design and development stage. An app that’s continually being developed will rank better in the store. Also make the icon impactful so it communicates the value and purpose of the app is really important.

What about post-launch?

No matter how awesome you are as a mobile app development agency you’re just not going to get everything right the first time. The app development company has to do many things in making the post-launch more successful so that the app will be launched more efficiently.


So, here are a few questions which one app development company should ask the client before they start developing the app. The client always looks for an efficient mobile app development company and they will choose only those which can give them the trust of developing the mobile app as they want.

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