Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Android App Development

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Android App Development

Over the last few years, the technology market has witnessed many new and emerging technologies that are making their way straight into the mainstream industries. Among this Artificial Intelligence is one of the technologies which is contributing more to every industry. 

The exciting fact about AI is, This uses human-level intelligence with the concept of machine learning.

There are many features of Artificial Intelligence and some of them are:-

  • Image Recognization
  • Detection and Classification
  • Object Identification
  • Automated Geophysical Feature Detection

These are a few of many revenue-generating proportions of artificial intelligence that are also contributing to the enterprise mobile app development market.

How Artificial Intelligence is making a difference?

Artificial Intelligence is making many machines capable of learning and interacting in a manner similar to that of human beings. It means Ai machines and apps to provide benefits to humans by assisting them in doing tasks more efficiently.

This popular technology has found its way in every significant industry vertical. Right from tourism to healthcare and medicine Artificial Intelligence is changing the working of many sectors.

Now let’s focus on some applications of Artificial Intelligence integrated into Android App Development.

Image Labeling:- 

In the process of image labeling, developers have the option to use an image labeler app that can interactively label the ground data in a collection of images.

Automated Reasoning:- 

The main amazing capacity of AI in Android application development is automated reasoning. In spite of the fact that it is substantially more confounded than breaking down the client’s conduct. In automated reasoning, it includes critical thinking on the substructure of different calculations. 

It requires the application developers to utilize the system logical reasoning to determine hindrances like riddles and hypotheses. Because of this component, AI-empowered framework or applications exceed expectations in stock exchanging and chess. 

Another amazing case of the automated reasoning in Android applications is Uber. The Android application finds the best courses by checking the traffic conditions through computerized thinking and concoct the briefest course.

Text Recognization:- 

Detecting the text in images, and from video formats and then recognizing the text got from the media files, they call it “Text Recognization”.

After they detect the text, artificial intelligence breaks the texts into various blocks and then the text can be revealed easily.

Face Recognization:- 

Face Detection is one of the most trending features in Android application development. Almost all Android Smartphones are having this feature in them. 

This is one of the most important features which Artificial Intelligence has given to the Android app development.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Android Devices:- 

Google made the official declaration of moving its essential needs in the Google I/O Conference 2017. Thus, rather than ‘Portable First,’ Google has now decided on ‘A.I. First,’ and alongside this, an altogether new arrangement of projects and toolkits were discharged also. 

The rationale behind discharging this new AI-based toolkits and projects was to advance the innovation on the essential level where Android engineers from all over the globe can easily make computerized reasoning applications for the Android stage. 

The whole new arrangement of toolkits additionally incorporates the Android Jetpack which permits the Android application designers to begin with the versatile application improvement. 

Effect of Artificial Intelligence in Android Devices:-

With the new Machine Learning (ML) Kit, the Android application developers have now access to progressively imaginative instruments to think about the inclining innovation and execute its practices in reality. Likewise, the base APIs gave in the ML Kit empowers a portion of the choice mobile application development services to be incorporated functionalities that can help us in our everyday exercises. 

For example, China has the world’s biggest checking framework with 170 million CCTV cameras introduced the nation over. What’s more, it took Chinese specialists a sum of only seven minutes to find and catch John Sudworth, a BBC correspondent, with its amazing facial acknowledgment innovation and the tremendous system of CCTV cameras.


We all are well aware of the benefits of AI technology in Android and is rapidly growing. In the coming years, we will be seeing the Android App Development completely integrated with Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is giving the organization complete freedom to reach out to gain more potential customers in an efficient way.

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