Designed specifically for the financial sector, R3 Corda is an open-source distributed ledger platform(DLT). Used to build applications for financial companies, it is a permission private network. Corda is helpful in removing costly friction in business transactions to allow businesses to transact directly.

Corda’s key features include:

  • Corda has no unnecessary global sharing of data: only those parties with a legitimate need to know can see the data within an agreement
  • Corda choreographs workflow between firms without a central controller
  • Corda achieves consensus between firms at the level of individual deals, not the level of the system
  • Corda’s design directly enables regulatory and supervisory observer nodes
  • Corda transactions are validated by parties to the transaction rather than a broader pool of unrelated validators
  • Corda supports a variety of consensus mechanisms
  • Corda records an explicit link between human-language legal prose documents and smart contract code
  • Corda is built on industry-standard tools
  • Corda has no native cryptocurrency

Why Corda?


By making use of Consensus Time Stamping, Hashgraph ensures that no one can control the order of transactions.


Based on the Bank-Grade Security, Hashgraph offers great security by ruling out bad actors from preventing consensus.

High Potential

Hashgraph is really fast and has potential to compute around 200,000 transactions just within a few seconds.


Hashgraph works on the two techniques i.e. Gossip about Gossip and Virtual Voting to reach the distributed consensus that is quite effectual.

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