Twitter Integration

Integrating Twitter on web and mobile apps

Empowering businesses to use twitter engagement on their products.


Incorporating Twitter social platform in web and mobile applications, we help business show and get user engagement on their web and mobile application.

Plugin Type

From the list of many available options, we integrate the best suited plugin for specific projects for re­tweet, tweet product, follow, and participate in conversations.

Increased Reach

By integrating most dynamic social platform on web and mobile applications we give user the power to socially interact with brand, resulting in enhance outreach.

We help businesses to post on twitter through the application and show tweets alongside other client points of interest in your application, check Twitter status within the application and re-tweet to followers.

At Mobiloitte, we leverage the OAuth convention used by Twitter to approve app in order to send tweets. We utilize signpost library to handle OAuth correspondence and Twitter4J library in order to handle Twitter particular connections (sending tweets).

Measures we take to set up Twitter account in applications:

  • Setup a twitter account
  • Register
  • Verify client in Android/iOS application
  • Allow end-user to send tweets from the app

We utilize latest Twitter elements in application profound connecting, empowering user to click into an application to view content that is connected to a tweet.

Let's create the next big thing to help you Monetize.