• 24 February 2018
Project Description

Truckonnect Partner app is the most convenient way to manage your trucks. It is quick and simple to register your trucks and enjoy the benefits.
You can add trucks of all brands and capacities (DVAN, ICV, LCV, M&HCV etc). 
Get instant access to services like fleet management, driver management and much more for free! 

Here's how it works: 

  • Sign Up with your name, mobile and PAN no.
  •  Add your truck(s) details
  • Use any feature from the menu panel 

Truckonnect Services include:

  • My Trucks: List of all your trucks along with documents (on the cloud) available to you on just a few clicks.
  • My Drivers: Add your drivers and assign trucks to them. Manage driver ratings and report driver complaints. Verify driver history before hiring. 
  • Fleet Alerts: Reminders on expiry of truck documents (like fitness, permit, insurance etc).
  • Tyre Assist: Find the nearest tyre dealer in case of tyre failure/replacement. 
  • Truck Workshop: Find the nearest workshop in case of mechanical failure anywhere in India.
  • Additional features and amazing services are rolled out every month, so stay signed in to the app to get the most out of Truckonnect.
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