Total WOD Athlete

  • 06 March 2018
Project Description

If your box does not use MINDBODY and totalWOD you will not be able to use all of the features of the app.

  • MindBody Integration!.
  • New Design.
  • Register for class if your gym uses MINDBODY.

Introducing the only crossfit app that directly integrates with MINDBODY: totalWOD. Take the work out of tracking your WOD scores with totalWOD’s smart and easy-to-use app. You can register for classes , track your scores and share your PR’s through social media, all from your mobile device.


  • Search WODs and PRs by name or movement.
  • Videos for all WODs and movements.
  • New improved WOD Creation.
  • Faster load time.
  • Search WODs and personal records.
  • Edit your workout sessions.
  • Memory management improvements.

totalWOD is a crossfit workout and fitness tracking social network designed by and for CrossFitters. All of your data is saved on totalWOD's servers and will never be lost. If you lose or break your phone, once you download the app on your new device and login all of your WOD details will be saved. Most crossfit apps charge you to sync your data, we never will. Your Crossfit WOD times will be stored on our servers free of charge.

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