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Swift being the most trending object-oriented language for iOS application development, comprises of several advanced features that allows the developers to make the development process efficient and fast.

It is the most powerful and the intuitive programming language for many devices like iOS, macOS, WatchOS, TvOS and many more.

Many popular apps like Go-Jek ,Dunk, Yep, Flappy and PixPic are built using Swift.

Why choose swift for the development of your application?

  • Better Readability due to its clean syntax
  • Less Code & Less Legacy
  • Improved safety and performance
  • Speed
  • Swift supports dynamic Libraries
  • Maintenance is easy as there is no dependency
  • Promotes interactive Coding
  • Vibrant Open-source Community and learnability
  • In Demand
  • Automatic memory management

Our Swift expertise:

Started Journey from SWIFT version 1.0 and now the leading Swift 5.0 development company.

  • Language: Swift 5
  • iOS support : iOS 10.x.x to iOS 12.x.x
  • Device Database: Core Data
  • IDE: Xcode
  • Unit/SAST Tests: XCTest Framework
  • Device Support: iPhone 6 and later (iPad support as well)

Swift Development services that Mobiloitte Offers

  • Custom Application Development
  • Migration To SwiftSupport & Maintenance
  • DesigningTesting and Porting

Why Choose Us:

  • We provide the best Security-focused Mobile app
  • We use the most recent versions of Swift
  • Tested Apps focusing on standards and quality
  • Agile development focused
  • Flexible and easy to understand contracts


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