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Industry 4.0 or connected factory or smart factory concept is being adopted by wide range of manufacturing industries to increase productivity and thus competitiveness. Be it OEE & predictive maintenance or asset tracking or inventory management, Industry 4.0 has been adding a great value by merging operation technology with information technology.

Manufacturer now wants to track the usage of their product directly from consumer and improve future variants. And to achieve this the complete value chain to be connected – supplier, manufacturer, logistics, warehouse, retailer and end customer.

Images/Videos (captured through high end camera) of normal and abnormal products from different stages of production can be submitted to the centralized ‘learning service’ that will build analytical models to discern OK vs Not OK characteristics of parts, components and products that meet quality specifications and those that don’t.

This kind of system can be trained to perform such tasks with a high level of confidence.

Based on advanced neural networks, the models trained by the software system can be deployed on pre-configured hardware on the factory floor so that there can be very little decision latency during production.

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