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Product catalog apps are fast catching up in the market because they offer higher customer reach and direct contact with end customers. Further, they provide a comprehensive list of products offered by the seller with detailed descriptions, easing the customer’s decision-making process.

Top Features of a Product Catalog App

The most important feature of a product catalog app is a well-categorized list of products. These categories can be customized through adding many options for product view. Many eCommerce businesses and online services are presenting interactive experience to their customers using photos and videos. A feature-rich application with well-defined categories enhances the value of the online business as it makes search and browsing easy.

Some of the top features of a catalog app are –
  • Product list – a comprehensive and complete product list is primary to any product catalog app. An interactive view with customized search option will enhance the brand value and give customers a highly rewarding experience. Online shopping is an indifferent experience since it is devoid of human interaction. From the seller’s perspective, they cannot make a pitch for their product and from the buyer’s perspective they cannot touch and feel the product to get a firsthand experience. A comprehensive product list makes it easy for them to find what they need.
  • Videos and slideshows – Slideshows and pictures are a must for catalog app, however numerous merchants now even add a video demonstrating the products performance and functioning. Apart from a detailed description of the product, there is generally an informational video describing the products usage. There is another new feature for clothes and accessories business where they have a feature which allows a customer to upload their picture and fill in a description of their body type. A computer generated image is created of them and they can try out clothes, shoes, spectacles. Etc. Another new feature that many businesses are testing are chatbots, these are artificial intelligence driven robots that interact with customers when they visit the website, assisting them with their browsing.
  • Text notification support – the product catalog app gives the seller breadth to include new products, edit the descriptions of available items and update inventory on the go. Based on the updates made to the inventory, text notifications will be automatically sent to customers and push notifications as reminders of products that have been liked and are fast running out of stock.
  • Interacting with customers – Seller can easily interact with customers through live chat sessions and respond to queries and quotation requests as they are raised. When a customer drops a review for a product purchased by them, a seller can send post a note or respond to complaints immediately, does improving their customer service.
  • Offline access – the benefit of a mobile application is that users can enjoy offline access too. An Absence of internet will not be a deterrent to browsing the catalog.
Benefits of a Product Catalog App
  • Custom view.
  • Multiple order and payment options.
  • Streamlined viewing that reflects company’s business ethos.
  • Advanced search options with appropriate filters.
  • Improved customer care.
  • Timely response to queries and criticism.
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