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The future of Technology for the online auction industry-

Online auction system includes various modules and complements that will help you finalize your online sales. Our module makes it possible for online auction sales to be efficiently coordinated just like a normal auction would, in addition to putting up a virtual items catalog in the easiest fashion. The administrator has within reach a module that will allow him to manage an auction from beginning to end, hassle-free. Access to a statistics report that gives out a detailed analysis of sales results is also available. Confidentiality of information pertaining to buyers and sellers is fully guaranteed while offering them a user-friendly and practical experience.

With more and more people selling and purchasing online, the number of buyers and sellers that are using Online Auction Apps is reaching the millions, facilitating virtual auction on the web. Online Auction Apps gives a plan of action that continues to evolve as per market needs. They are effectively creating a giant virtual marketplace where people across the globe can gather to trade – buy, or sell, and check out, or browse through the goods being anyplace in the world at any point of time. Time and space is never a constraint with Online Auction Applications.

Whether online or at live Auction, we will help you work out a plan to sell your items through the best outlet possible, to net you the most dollars in your pocket. 

Due to the ease and flexibility and adaptability they provide, Online Auction Apps are becoming enormously popular high traffic space where a seller can sell immediately with…

  • No initial investment.
  • No upfront or overhead cost.
  • No distributors.
  • No sales or marketing staff.
  • No website.
  • No renting space.
  • No fixed time and space constraint.
They are also beneficial for buyers as they are provided with
  • Best deals.
  • Huge database of products to choose from.
  • Make the ideal bids.
  • Flexibility in time and geographical locations.
  • Highly intensive social interactions.
Different Types of Customized Auction Systems

There’s a wide array of custom action systems that we can develop for your organization:

  • Penny Auctions - These auctions are set to automatically increase by just a penny after each bid.
  • Ticker Auctions – Like a live auction, the timer on these auctions resets upon each new bid.
  • Free Auctions – There’s no charge to bid, just the cost of the actual bid.
  • Peak Auctions – Auctions that only run during certain hours/days of the week.
  • Buy It Now Auctions – Just like eBay, your bidders can choose to pass the auction process and buy a product right away at a certain higher price.
  • Beginner Auctions – These are only applicable to new bidders on your site.
  • Seat Auctions – These are classified auctions your bidders pay extra to gain access to bidding in.
  • Reserve Auctions – This allows you to set a minimum price to begin to auction at.

We are a expert auction portal development organization and giving remarkable services for online auction & bidding website development. Some of our key services include:

Auction Portal Solutions
  • Auction Portal Design & Development.
  • Bidding Portal Development.
  • Custom Action Portal Development.
  • Penny Auction Portal Development.
  • General Auction Portal Development.
  • Auction and Bidding Website Development.
  • Auction Management System.
  • Existing Auction Portal Enhancement.
  • Live / Virtual Auction Portal Development.
  • Auction Portal Maintenance.

What kind of auctions can be organised with Online Auction App developed at Mobiloitte Software?

Sellers can sort out any sort of auction on Online Auction App, and have them prepared to go in just a matter of minutes.

  • B2B – places where companies/organisations make commercial transactions. Here, companies/organisations deal with huge score bidders. Provides realization of trade all over the world from one place.
  • B2C – places that support transactions between businesses and end-users. Here, customers are generally not huge score bidders, and invest on single items instead of bulk items.
  • C2C – facilitates the transactions of goods between customers. It helps customers easily find the products that otherwise are may be difficult to locate.
Some of the leading auction software features are as follows:
Auction Interface:
  • Listing Items (set or percentage based).
  • Highlighted Auctions.
  • Bold Auctions.
  • Home Page Featured Auctions.
  • Category Featured Auctions.
  • Reserve Auction fee.
  • Buy it now fee.
  • Second Category fee.
  • Make an offer fee.
Advanced search facility enables for items by:
  • Keywords (item title and description).
  • Items with reserve price.
  • Items listed with buy it now.
  • Items with swap enabled.
  • By country/zip code.
  • By seller.
  • By buyer.
  • By store.
Extra features of our Auction website portal :
  • Users can leave feedback for each other with Facebook account.
  • User help and F-A-Q text already built into the system.
  • Sellers can accept Buy It Now offers.
  • Buyers can now make offers on listed items.
  • Users can select if they want to receive your web-sites newsletter.
  • Potential bidders can ask the seller a question directly.
Listing features:
  • Easy category selection.
  • Users with a store can select whether to list their new item in their store, auction only or both (available if seller has an active store).
  • Sellers can enter their own item title.
  • Sellers can enter their selection for any custom fields.
  • Users can open their own eBay type stores, upload their company logo and display all their open auctions.
Auction Solutions is the First Choice for Auction Services...Why?
  • First Class Support : Our friendly support staff is available by phone or email 24/7 to help make sure your auction is successful.
  • Easy Setup: The auction setup wizard will control you through the way toward setting up your online auction.
  • Large & Small Auctions: Doesn’t matter if you are listing 1 item or 1000, our auction software can handle it all.
  • Affordable: We have pricing for every budget. contact us to know a plan that best fits your organization’s need
Why Choose Us?
  • Mobile Optimized
  •  100% Your Branding
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Highly Customizable

Our solutions increase bidder participation and online auction house revenues 

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