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On-demand apps have made the world much more convenient and feasible for us by bringing services on to our door-steps.It is one of the trends which has caught the eye of novice as well as seasoned developers. When it comes of developing your own on demand tutor app mostly things boil down to the total expenditure an app development company will charge you as per your requirements. Here, we are discussing some key features and their manufacturing costs that can make your on-demand tutor app much more prominent in app market-

Key Features of On-Demand Tutors App

Some common features of on-demand tutor app are –

  • Using this app you can find a home teacher or you can make a request for an online teacher with advanced search.
  • You can match your requirement and criteria with home tutor shown on the application.
  • The admin of the application is able to track the location of the teacher, job status at just time.
  • An in-built e-Wallet is available in On-demand tutor app that enables users to make cashless payment without accessing account details.
  • Through using this app you can make a schedule for tutor booking; also you are able to change or edit the booking schedule accordingly.

Advance Features of On-Demand Tutors App

Besides the general features, an On-demand teacher app includes many others advanced services that might be more significant to the users. Some major features are given here-

  • Cloud System : – Cloudtechnology is greatly instrumental in app development. You can store or save your data like payment detail, user/admin detail and app service information on the cloud server and you can access all data whenever you need to utilize that.
  • Multiple Payment Option : – This service allows users to pay via various payment options like debit/credit cards, net banking, e-wallet etc. thus, making a real-time payment you can book the tutor as per your demands.
  • Tuition on Conference Call : –In-app conference call facilitates students and teachers for making discussion with each other. A teacher can provide a solution to the queries of any subjects during the practice time; other students also can discuss the topic through built-in messages or conference call in a transparent communication.
  • Training on Video Call : – Tutor and learner can create communication with each other with built in video-call feature using the smartphone camera. This increases a student productivity and reduces time consumption, as practical presentation enhances the grasping power of student.
  • Notification Alert : – Students and teachers can engage in a healthy communication via message/notification panel. The users can send push notifications to promote their activities to the accustomed users. They can also notify each other over left-overlearning and teaching sessions and payments etc.

USER (Student) PANEL

  • Direct & Social Media Logi : Here, the users can log into an already created account. Or else, they can sign up via their email or any other social media account.
  • Browse Tutor : Under this section, users can search the tutors as per the subject or course specifications owing to their learning requirements.
  • View Tutor details & Reviews : The users can view all the relevant details about the users such as course specifications, specialization, years of teaching experience and much more.
  • Post Requirement : As per the grades, courses, timings and the subjects required to be learned, users can post their requirements for identifying the relevant tutor.
  • Book A Tutor : After reading all the reviews about the tutor, users can book him/her so as to start the subjects and courses as selected and charted out by the user.
  • Chat with selected tutor : The users can communicate with the tutor about the various other concerns such as timings, fees and other details for making the learning more effective.
  • Rate & Review Tutor : Users can rate the tutor as per the quality of services received. According to the teaching abilities, time adherence and behavior user can post the reviews about the concerned tutor.
  • Profile Setup : Similar to the user panel, the tutor can set his/her profile and can login with the social network or the email account credentials.
  • Change Availability timings : As per the number of the tuitions queued, the timings can be changed and altered by the tutors according to their convenience.
  • Accept/Reject Requests : Owing to the time schedules and the tuitions aligned up, tutors can accept or receive the request of the users.
  • View/Edit Bookings : Under this section, tutors can check and edit their booking plans. All the running tuitions and the ones for which the courses are completed can be updated by the tutors.
  • Check weekly & Monthly Earning : As per the number of active tuitions, tutors can check their earnings on the weekly and monthly basis. They can also keep the track of all the tuitions for which the fees have been incurred or not.
  • Chat with Student : The tutor can communicate with the students for answering their queries and can also update them with the change in timings schedules if arises and vice-versa.
  • Efficient Analysis : All the users and tutors that are associated and availing the services are analyzed and stored for maintaining a convenient track record.
  • Statistics : All the facts and figures related with the services availed, more preferred locations, grades for which the maximum tutors and all the payment associated data is stored and managed.
  • Manage Tutors & their services : All the tutors that are registered with the app plus the services, experience and course specialization are monitored under this category.
  • Service Listing & Management : All the grades whether for schools or colleges, courses and the specialization offered are managed and tracked by the Admin.
  • Reports & Earnings : Monthly or the weekly reports of the tutors and their earnings are verifies as per the applied rules and regulations for maintaining an effective learning ecosystem.
  • Student Manager : All the information regarding the students that are enrolled long with their course selected and fees structure are managed by the Admin.
  • Jobs Assignment & Manager : The entire tuition requests are handled by the Admin. Depending upon the time schedule of the tutors for which the request is assigned, Admin can transfer the request to the other tutors that are associated with the network.
Technology Involved:

While developing an On-demand tutor app, it is must that you identify the right technological stack so as to meet the varying user requirements and to grab a seat ahead of your existing competitors. A technically sound app undeniably will top the charts and will deliver a seamless user experience. So, make your app embedded with the below technical concerns and be assure that your app, will be there on the users mobile for a longer time.

  • Push Notifications – Twilio, Push.io.
  • SMS, Voice and Phone Verification -Nexmo, Twilio.
  • Payments – Braintree & PayPal , Stripe, EWallets.
  • Database – MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration.
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure.
  • Realtime Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBMon.

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