On Demand Laundry Solutions

Our on-demand mobility service model will help your start-up or enterprise to innovate faster and deliver matchless services to customers across the business and competitor. Offering the users the option to schedule a pickup for their laundry, this service adds to their comfort and convenience. You will have all your data on a cloud while your every customer will enjoy the mobility of your business service offering as Laundry On-Demand solution makes it possible to access business services 24X7 to your customers.


  • New Order: Customers can conveniently place an order by selecting their comfortable pickup time and date; preferred drop-off time; their Address; type of laundry service preferred and a number of clothes and also special instructions, if any, need to be typed in.
  • Order History: Displays details of all the past orders of the customers. View Previous Orders and Re-order option.
  • Order Tracking: Provides a clear idea to the customers about the status of their order. This will help customers to make arrangements to pick up the clothes in case of any sudden outing plans.
  • Cashless Payment: Customers no more have to worry about coins, balance due, etc., because they can make the exact payment using their credit/debit card / net banking easily. It supports various types of currency also.
  • Coupons: Displays the discounts or offers or promo-codes currently valid. Customers can easily view the offers and accordingly place their orders.
  • Price List: The price charged for the different type of clothes and dress materials is clearly listed down. estimation of price.
  • Rate the wash: Finally, customers can rate your laundry service on a five-star rating scale and communicate how satisfied they are with the laundry service.


  • Admin Control.
  • Sign up / registration.
  • Tracking option.
  • Integrated payment service.
  • Customized as per customer requirements.
  • More efficient turnkey.
  • Scheduling the pickup and delivery.
  • Automated fully.
  • Technical support.
  • Providing high engagement process.
  • Feedback and review options.
  • Best cloud data storage.
  • From sign up to authentication, everything is user-friendly.
  • Notification options.
  • Good User Interface.
  • Use of high technology.


  • High Efficiency – The credibility of the business is met by ensuring user demand by providing great services. Laundry on Demand from Smarter technologies brings in improving the efficiency of your laundry business by giving good service for customers.
  • Market Growth – Technology growth provides room for the expansion that encompasses many people and professionals across various geographies and markets.
  • Analytics – Market trends and the customers can be analyzed by gathering the data over a specific period of time.
  • Request for service – Users can avail the search service by placing request in the search bar.
  • Profile Integration – User-friendly registration steps making customers use the app easily. Social media registrations for easy usage are available.
  • On Demand Service request – Make your Laundry service in one tap to boost your business to the next level.
  • Payment Method – Payment methods are made easy.

These are the basic features and apart from this, you can ask for your specific requirements, in the way that you want to target your customers. Smarter's on Laundry demand mobile application service includes all the technologies, user retention, industry constraints that are necessary for developing a quality mobile app.

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