On Demand Fitness Trainer Application Development

App to find personal trainers that churns out revenues for your business, in just the right way.

  • SCHEDULING : Users of your app to find personal trainers may schedule a personal appointment with the fitness trainer or opt for a subscription.
  • ONE-TAP REQUEST : The app to hire fitness trainer comes with a one-tap button, helping you find and book your fitness expert easily.
  • COST CALCULATOR : Users of your app to hire personal trainer may get a fair cost estimation for fitness session from various local personal trainers.
  • TRAINER SEARCH : Finding best professional trainer across various training disciplines is easy for your fitness trainer finder app users.
  • FIND SESSIONS : Users may look up for daily session schedules with an instructor as per his time preferences through personal trainer app.
  • RECIPES : The fitness trainer finding app shows healthy recipes with diet suggestions and step-by-step directions to cook the meals.
Salient Features of the Fitness Trainer App Development
  • REGISTRATION WITH SECURITY : New users need to register with the personal trainer app Android. Every time the user needs to enter his username and password to log in, for the security purpose of the user.
  • PERSONAL PROFILE : Users and Fitness Trainers may create their personal profile by providing essential information about them in personal trainer app iOS.
  • SUBSCRIPTION : Let your personal trainer app iPhone users choose a monthly/yearly subscription to unveil advanced features and added services.
  • WORK-IN-PROGRESS REPORT : Get detailed reports of what you have been doing throughout the week, and share the reports with your trainer and friends through personal trainer application.
  • ACCESS TO VALUABLE ANALYTICS : Get valuable insights about your health records, fitness regime and other details on your smartphone app to find personal trainers, anytime, anywhere.
  • WEARABLE INTEGRATION : Integrate the app to hire fitness trainer with your wearable devices and smartwatch to get access to your fitness records anytime, anywhere.
  • UNLIMITED SESSIONS : Schedule unlimited sessions with the best fitness classes, gyms or professional trainers in your neighborhood with app to hire personal trainer.
  • ACTIVITY TRACKERS : Activity tracker fitness trainer finder app keeps a track of the activities performed by you during a selected period and notifies you of upcoming or pending activities.
  • SET TASKS : Within the fitness trainer finding app, you may set various tasks and may assign a time to perform the task. It notifies you when the task is due.
  • PRESET EXERCISE : Preset your workout plans in various formats and get a notification whenever a task is due at your end with personal trainer app.
  • LOGBOOK / FOOD JOURNAL : The personal trainer app Android logbook keeps track of your activities and the Food Journal stores data about your healthy diets and calorie consumption.
  • GROCERY LIST : For a diet cum personal trainer app iOS, the application stores the list of grocery items you need to purchase. Users may also purchase and pay for grocery items using barcode / QR scanner.

We are the leading fitness trainer app developers providing apps with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.

User Panel
  • Register (personal details & payment method).
  • Search Personal Trainers.
  • Choose Service.
  • Appointment (date, time, location, payment).
  • Confirm Appointment + Tips.
  • Live Status of Servicemen(ETA).
  • End Appointment.
  • Service Review.
Trainer Panel
  • Register (profile, proficiency, services, cost of services, client reviews).
  • Accept or cancel appointment.
  • Live status tracking.
  • Start Appointment.
  • Customer Review.
Admin Panel
  • View Current Engagements.
  • Create Bookings on demand.
  • Live Status of Employees during service.
  • Analytics.
  • Email/Push Notifications.
  • Report generation & Weekly Statement.
  • Manage Earnings & Commissions.
  • Dashboard.

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