Occupancy Sensor Based Software Developments Solution – Mobiloitte IoT

UPIR is a electronic device that senses and measures infrared light radiating from objects in the field of view.

Mobiloitte's ESP8288 based hardware device can detect occupancy or motion and report it in Mobile app (Android or iOS). The solution is using an Raspberry Pi based gateway and home WiFi network. Inherently it is using MQTT data protocol and 256 bit security.

PIR sensor based occupancy detector and viewing in mobile app is very useful in our day to day living:

  • Washroom occupancy
  • We can even track if any elderly person is active at a particular location.
  • A person/child is in his bed or not
  • Remote monitoring of person's presence
  • Intruder detection and alarm
  • Employees are at their desks or not
  • Occupancy sensor can be further integrated with other home automation services e.g. turn On/Off light based on occupancy

Mobiloitte occupancy sensor based solution can solve these following challenges:

  • Real-time availability of space, room in app
  • Intruder detection
  • Workforce management
  • Remote monitoring of elderly people
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