Lighting System Solutions

Based on the capability of the lighting device we can even gather various energy-related parameters such as energy consumption (kWh), Power Factor & Voltage. A dashboard with various trend data (daily, weekly & monthly) can help you in making some kind of decision as well. The user can view such dashboards in the app or in a web portal.

We at Mobiloitte can develop such end-to-end solution with mobile apps, web admin panel and integrate to your preferred IoT enabled lights. We can even help you find various such light vendors. One of the major sources of household energy consumption is various kind of light installed in each room.

Sometimes we forget to turn off light and they keep consuming electricity all day! But there are solutions available today. We can use Wireless communication technologies e.g. Wifi, Z-Wav, Zigbee. A mobile App can directly communicate with lights through WiFi Or through some Gateway (in case of Z-Wave, Zigbee) and control them.

The app can get notifications as well e.g. you are not at home and some intruder might have turned the lights on. Various rules can be set in the app for such notifications. For RGB lights through mobile app one can even change the color of light & brightness based on mood.

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