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Like all departments, Human Resource has an obligation to the organization to control costs. To control these costs however, companies must first be in a position to measure them, as information regarding the company’s performance is critical in maintaining its competitive advantage. Part of this equation is a need to effectively gather and analyze data on personnel; mystro gives organizations this ability and allows HR truly to function as a strategic, value-enhancing department.


  • Human Resource: The Human Resources Module is the core module of this comprehensive application. It basically maintains all relevant employee related information including different types of personal information, detailed qualifications, work experience and so on. Information captured by this module is utilized by all the other modules thus eliminating data redundancy.


This is a core module used to capture the structure of any given organization. In addition to a traditional hierarchy with the definition of divisions, departments and other company-specific units, this module lets you define a grade-wise hierarchy and a reporting hierarchy with details on direct and indirect reporting relations between specific employees and supervisors. Extensive displaying capabilities and options are another helpful feature in this module. Some of the features are:

  • Organization chart/ company structure.
  • Graphical representation of Organization Chart.
  • Reporting hierarchy & information, Authorized signatory.
  • Company wise, Department wise, Name wise, Designation wise.
  • Representation of organization chart.
  • Travel and Expense Management.
  • Cost Center Management.


  • Full name & Address.
  • Scanned picture.
  • contact details.
  • Personal information (Date of birth,.
  • Nationality, Religion, Blood groups. Etc…).
  • ID / Passport / Driving License.
  • information with dates (Issued / Renewals / etc…).
  • Job information.
  • Previous Work experience.
  • Salary & Bank information.
  • Social Security information.
  • Designation & reporting structure.
  • Employee summary information.
  • Employee benefits assignment.
  • Employee Life Keep track of Transfer / Promotion / Increment dates.
  • Define reporting hierarchy.
  • Assign job specifications.
  • Assign benefits.
  • Track category wise information.
  • Track employee wise information.
  • Update HR plan.
  • Update Requirements & Resourcing.
  • Leave Management.
  • Employee Performance Appraisal Management.
  • Alerts (Passport/Visa/ID/Residency/or any Expiry dates).
  • Attachments.
  • And many more.


A fully functional payroll management system is integrated into the software ease the burden on the HR department. The payroll module is fully compliant with the rules as laid down by Law. Various calculation parameters and the allowances are also configurable as per the user requirements.


Managing time and tracking attendance manually is a frustrating activity known only to a Business Owner or a Payroll Manager. Time & Attendance Module records time and attendance details from fingerprint biometric devices or other timekeeping devices to manage employee time and productivity efficiently.

Time & Attendance Module delivers various key benefits to organizational and employee development and productivity.

  • Cut down on administrative time.
  • Eliminate human error in employee time office records to save monetarily
  • Significantly Increase Employee & Manager Satisfaction.
  • Monitor & analyze absence to reduce impact on productivity.
  • Improve Organizational efficiency and growth with employee performance.
  • Accurate processing and reconciliation of time clock software data with ease.
  • Access Time Records via intranet or Internet using web browser.
  • Graphical representation of events, schedules and time calculations.
  • Interfaced with Payroll Module.
  • Contract Time: Casual and contract workers.
  • Fixed Time: Environments with shift work and night work.

Mystro Time & Attendance Module can seamlessly integrate with many hardware devices. Whether you are looking for a fingerprint biometric device, swipe cards, proximity or hand punch devices, we have various solutions that can be used to manage employee time management.


Mystro is a leading provider of government forms. It has a complete library of Kuwait and GCC government forms related to employee and labor.

Our solutions feature easy-to-use, government-approved forms that ensure the comprehensive and accurate automation of the form completion process while helping to save you time and resources. These forms include, but not limited to the following:

  • Social Security Deduction Details
  • Social Security Deduction Summary
  • PIFSS Form 166
  • PIFSS Form 103
  • PIFSS Form 55
  • PIFSS Form 167
  • Work Permit Form
  • Employment Contract
  • Clearance Form
  • Salaries Transferred Details
  • Bank Certificate Request
  • Discontinuation Notice
  • Registration of Authorized Signatory
  • Immigration Form
  • Photo Form
  • Law Undertaking
  • Approval and Undertaking
  • Criminal Status
  • Criminal Status Request
  • Visa Application
  • Undertaking Not to Extend Visa
  • Undertaking Not to Transfer Visa
  • Edit Info for Immigration Department
  • Edit Info for Forensics
  • Absence Outside the Country


Timesheet module used to track an employee’s number of hours worked in order to calculate monthly salary and overtime hours.

  • Timesheet Employees used or specifying employees whose salary will be calculated depending on entered timesheet hours.
  • Salary Items used for defining salary item types that will be used in monthly timesheet transactions screen.
  • Projects and charge codes used for defining projects and its charge codes that will be used in monthly timesheet transactions screen for costing allocation issue.
  • Monthly timesheet transactions (manual entry) used for defining the employee’s worked hours in order to calculate monthly salary.
  • It is a dynamic screen where it will be built based on the defined salary items types, projects, and charge codes.

Monthly timesheet transactions (excel data import) used for defining the employee’s worked hours from any excel sheet format using Mystro columns mapping functionality.


Let our Accounting Integration Module help you easily post payroll entries to your general ledger in just seconds into Accounting Software Systems & Modules

With our Accounting Integration Module you:

  • Save time. Rather than typing payroll information twice, just import your payroll post entry into your general ledger in a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Find and review payroll journal entries anywhere, anytime.
  • When you need to look up a certain pay period journal entry, you won’t have to search through mountains of payroll records and paperwork.
  • Drastically reduce your chance for errors. Importing journal entries instead of typing them means no more double data entry that’s fraught with potential for errors.
  • Run stand-alone or easily integrate with any accounting system.
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