Field Force Management solution

Changing your field force to be an agile, strong and high-performing unit can show quick benefits to your company’s business prospects. However, today’s organizations face a series of challenges in field force optimization.

Field Force Management solution gives Real Time access to the present location of field workforce and intelligent task management features to empower the field team group. Our simple Interface provides the master control from your PC to assign tasks and the field workforce will perform tasks with the help of their mobile application on real time basis.

We focus on ways in which we can update the efficiency of your field force through a variety of solutions and capabilities including the following:

  • Digitizing field force services.
  • Mobility in field service management.
  • Enterprise field service management.
  • Real-time service ticket information.
  • Notifications for important updates.
  • Contact information and order information.
  • A consolidated service calendar.
  • Optimum Data Usage.
  • through offline support.
  • High Customer Satisfaction.
  • by providing prompt response to complaints.
  • Enhanced Collaboration.
  • through better knowledge transfer among your workforce.
  • Increased productivity.
  • through accurate navigation and location validation.
  • Flexible Deployment Options.
  • of installing software in-house or using cloud.
  • Faster Time to Market.
  • leveraging our existing app assets.

If your organization or company is not following the field service app, you are soon going to fall behind as the  whole world is taking a step towards mobility. It is not surprising that 61% of field service companies have already started using smartphones or tablets and are en-cashing it by making it a part of the employees’ routine. These apps help them in streamlining their business processes to increase the customer satisfaction.

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