Doctor Booking Solutions

An unobtrusive push to streamline medical care, these specialist on-demand mobile applications cut out long lines in the holding up rooms. The patients can leverage most reliable medical services to reserve an appointment with their preferred doctors instantaneously. This sort of application helps you to instantly find a doctor close to your location, read reviews, book the appointment at any time convenient for you.

Doctor booking app helps people basically patients to get convenient, timely and reliable, access to health care from anywhere through Online experience doctors support.

With the help of doctor appointment app, the milestone of distance between the doctors and patients can be easily knock out. The patients can easily book their appointment with just a few clicks. Our developers deliver a solution which is totally preferred by people who need to consult doctors.

  • DIGITAL PRESCRIPTIONS : Doctors may issue digital prescriptions and patients may use the prescriptions for buying medicines / other health services.
  • VIRTUAL VISIT : Doctors may visit the patients virtually through inbuilt Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Assistance powered by in-app camera.
  • ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS : Patients may keep their health records and medicine records in digital formats, making it easy to get consultation.
  • TELEMEDICINE : Doctors may provide consultancy and treatment to their patients without actually visiting them. Improves performance & saves time.
  • CONVENIENT BOOKING FACILITY : With real-time availability and easy-to-use appointment booking app, booking the appointments become very easy for the patients.
  • MATCHING : Patients may search for the doctors they want. Easy matching provides better suggestions to patients while browsing.
  • INFORMATION CACHING : The clinic appointment app stores vital information about the patients, making it easier for the patients to find his health records in next visit.
  • PROPER MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION : All the information about patients and doctors is stored in a secured place, making easy to process and manage the information.
  • REVIEW & RATINGS : Patients may easily review and rate the doctors or the doctor rating app, enabling highest rated doctors to show first and to promote the app.
  • EASY SCHEDULING : Patients may book an appointment for a later day / time, and doctors may also schedule the appointment for a later day with online doctor scheduling.
  • EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE : The in-built emergency assistance helps patients / doctors to contact each other or doctor scheduling app Admin in the case of any emergency.
  • REQUEST ALLOCATION : Admin may allocate a request to a desired doctor. Doctors may also reallocate their appointments to fellow doctors in case of unavailability.
  • DOCTOR VERIFICATION PROCESS : Upon enrollment, the application requires intensive confirmation from specialists to keep up the online doctor application & service quality.
Basically, this content is for :
  • Doctors : To build their own doctor appointment booking app to help their patients with appointment scheduling and to check availability.
  • Entrepreneurs : To build a successful community like Practo by developing a doctor appointment app that connects the patient with doctors.
  • Nursing Homes And Hospital : To simplify the process of doctor appointment booking with a mobile app for their organization.

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