Customer Feedback System Solutions

For long term success of any business continious feedback from customer or consumer is unavoidable. Getting the  feedback instantly after the service is more accurate then getting it later on. Businesss can improve it's product or service based on the data gathered from different customers over time. 

Customer feedback is very critical for sevice industry. Any service business can use this - retails, restaurants, clinics, super mart, small grocery store, saloon, spa, hotel, bakery etc.

We at Mobiloitte can design  solution for this with IoT. Using a low cost device equipped with a touch screen can solve this problem. Business owner can just buy the service from us on monthly base. He can also customize it to suit his operation. The device can either use Wi-Fi or 3G/4G communication channel. Final data can be viewed either in Mobile or in web portal. Some additional services can also be clubbed with this - getting weekly report, email notification, consolidated data from all chain of stores, inventory etc.


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