Car Dealers Application Solutions

Auto dealer apps have become an integral part of the car purchase process.

Why my car dealer business needs to create a mobile application?

Everyday millions of apps are downloaded which represents an excellent opportunity for your business to be discovered.In your mobile app you can distribute your catalog of vehicles. You'll be selling from anywhere.With an apps, you can modify your app contents on real time. Send limited offers using push notifications, inform about the reception of new vehicles, offers, and limited promotions.


  • Include the catalog of vehicles for sale.
  • Geolocate your business. Thanks to the GPS indications, new customers will find you easily.
  • Include your social networks, twitter, facebook...
  • Link your youtube channel and playlist with the best videos and reviews of each car.
  • Send push notifications, "Whatsapp" like messages with the latest offers, promotions, and vehicles acquisitions.
  • Create surveys to get information about the cars your customers are looking for.

Some more Features:

  • Inventory.
  • Schedule Appointments.
  • Video / Blog Feeds.
  • Business Information.
  • Products & Services.
  • Reviews / Chat Wall.
  • Photo Galleries.
  • In App Camera.
  • Contact Info & Social Connect.
  • Push Notifications!!.
  • Services Requests.
  • Event Calendar & Sharing.
  • Trade In Estimate Request.
  • Digital Coupons.
  • Loyalty Punch Cards.
Benefits for the users of the applications:
  • Access to all information and contacts of all dealer’s and service centers.
  • Notifications about new arrivals.
  • Information about all shares and discounts.
  • Online consultation of service center.
  • Routing to the nearest service centre, car wash or petrol station.
  • Time and money-saving.
Benefits for the owners of the apps:
  • Static advertising.
  • Attraction of new customers.
  • Increase of clients’ loyalty.
  • Provision services to clients.
  • Improvement of successful and modern company image.
  • Collection of information about consumers’ preferences.
  • Getting higher profits.
Reasons to invest in a Car dealership sales app
  • ·Deepen analytics & insight into customer behavior.
  • Provide a superior, customized service.
  • Use geo-fencing for targeted digital campaigns.
  • Provide a seamless user experience through smart phone features.
  • Send mobile coupons which are redeemed at 12x the rate of traditional ones.
  • Provide ease of access to 3 out of 4 customers who are already researching cars using their smart phones with YOUR car dealer app.
The importance of automotive apps

As the number of car drivers is constantly growing the automotive apps have been created. They are very useful for drivers because they help them find their destination, the cheapest and the nearest petrol stations. Besides, nowadays with the help of smartphones it is possible to pacify children during the trip and diagnose problems.

Auto dealer apps can even help you to find a good car if you are going to purchase a vehicle. You will easily find that car which satisfies all your demands and needs. These applications can be very important during the trip, because they are able to protect the drivers from car accidents, bad drivers and extra spending. If you happen to have some problems on the road, the apps will be very beneficial for you.

Why us for your mobile apps for car dealerships?
  • A value added partner who is customer focused.
  • A proven track record of many years as an IT company with satisfied customers.
  • A choice between a fully customizable or 'out of the box' solutions.
  • An expert specialized in enterprise, dealer and after market offerings.
  • A best-mobile app development practices compliant firm.

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