Attendance Tracking Solutions

Have you at any point needed a basic and advantageous approach to track attendance for your classroom or group? Attending school has always been very important for the students to gain what they vie for. Most of parents and the school on the whole constantly confronted some grave concerns with regards to attendance. 


Attendance Tracking Mobile Application brings up an idea to analyze the student’s performance via a digitized platform. We design an interactive online platform for school authorities & parents to track every single activity of the students in a well-managed way.

Features: Defining more about this exclusive app
  • STUDENT PROFILE : Maxwell mobile app provides school to maintain each and every students profile. Maxwell school app is India’s No 1 parent teachers messaging platform.
  • CALENDAR : Through our mobile app, it is easy and flexible to know the arrival of important event and celebration days and important Schools functions
  • ATTENDANCE : It is flexible to maintain school attendance for every hour in a day with Maxwell mobile applications.
  • RESULTS : Utilizing Maxwell school app the particular student’s parents can easily view their academic results.
  • HOME WORK : Maxwell school app contains options to parents to let know their children’s home work flexible any where at any time through smart phones
  • CIRCULAR:  Maxwell school app flexible to get time update of school circular information
  • TEACHER REMARKS : Maxwell school app has options to know teacher’s remarks about the student’s attitude and his enthusiasm towards studies
  • LEAVE STATUS: Maxwell School app is flexible to know about the leave status and available leave options for individual students.
  • LEAVE APPLICATION : Through Maxwell school app we can avoid writing leave letter manually and can get through a single click.
  • FEE DETAILS : Using Maxwell school app parents can know the school fee details and exam fee structures in timely manner.
Student tracking provides following instant results:
  • Know where your child is in real time
  • Helps teachers to record exact time of students' attendants for yearly review of a student's discipline.
  • Alarm or Alert authorities by providing whereabouts of the child in real time
  • Time saving due to automated system
  • No manual maintenance of attendance registers. Removes chances of manual manipulation of attendance records.
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