Software Solution for Asset Management and Materials Management

Provide safer, more reliable transit with proper asset management

The production assets are organized in a multidimensional structure consisting of locations, positions, systems and assets. Inspection points can be added to the structure to define the point in which an inspection, a task or a meter reading takes place. Each asset can also be tagged with class/category to connect assets in a matrix for analysis cross the three.

Mobiloitte has extensive knowledge of best way to structure assets in different production operations. Asset criticality per asset, system or position is a valuable definition that is used in a number of functions in the system. A basic ABC rating is one option to a complete RCM analysis.

Mobiloitte offers enhanced functionality to track, search and manage material such as uniforms, material stock items etc. With the Mobiloitte solution, you will know exactly how much of each material item is on-hand or on-loan. The Material management solution enables you to:

  • Receive and issue material
  • Loan and return material
  • Manage minimum and maximum quantities
  • Track shelf-life of items
  • Order Or Request Items From Inventory
  • Easily Convert Surplus Components Into Recovered Value.
  • Rigorous Inventory Control
  • Records Management
  • Integrating Financial Transactions Into Existing Systems

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