Alexa Skill Building

Using Alexa, we are building natural voice base experiences for customers to interact with technology. One can add new skill, capability using Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). With Alexa Voice Service (AVS), integrate smart cameras, entertainment system, lights etc. and bring convenience of hands-free voice control to any connected device. Inherently it uses Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Our use cases covers: 
  • Controlling lights, AC at home (over Wi-Fi). Amazon services we use Alexa Home Skill, Lambda, AWS IoT, Shadow device management.
  • Reminder services – birthday reminder, meeting reminder, medicine taking, doctor's appointment, body vitals checking etc.
  • Alexa can inform users on a long list of personal tracking items including items like hours slept, steps taken, flights climbed, calories burned, resting heart rate and more (e.g. integrating with FitBit type wearables).
  • Asking a long list of health-related questions related to any medical conditions, medications, treatments.


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