• 28 February 2018
Project Description

Sievent, shows you the money and fun at live events. We help event organizers get their money back faster to identify more opportunities such as affiliate ticket sales, interactive social walls, live stream pay-per-views and interactive VR streams to increase their ticket sales and excitement at live events.

Why organizers love us instead of the competition:

  • Advanced Payouts - Get your money back from ticket sales faster, even before the event starts.
  • Sell out your event Faster - Affiliate Sales program to help sell your tickets faster.
  • Increased Excitement - Showcase your events excitement your to attract more sponsors and attendee engagement with Social Stream and VR.
  • Full Service app - Check Ticket Sales, Orders, Attendance, and Check-In your guest faster.

Keep 100% of Ticket Sales - You keep 100% of your ticket sales guaranteed.

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