• 06 March 2018
Project Description

The Roammate helps you meet people who want the same things as you do.Here's to finding yourself, honing new skills and making new friends!

The Roammate connects people to others seeking to pursue a shared activity. It also provides them with events/venues relevant to the activity that the user has shown interest in/selected at that time. The App matches users that have indicated interest in the same activity at the same time by taking into account various factors including but not limited to age, demographic, mutual friends and distance between users. Users see the most relevant events and people who are most likely to go to those events. For example: You are in Delhi and It’s your first time here and you don’t know too many people. Because you are interested in monuments and like playing a sport, you want to visit the historical sites in Delhi, the Taj-Mahal in Agra and also play a round of tennis. You simply log into the app, pick the activities and voila! You’ll see people around you - interested in the same activities and venues to pursue said activities. That is: Sightseeing Tours & Tennis games.

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