Quality Control - Software Solutions for Inspection and Quality Testing

Quality control is a major concern in industries and it becomes more important when its concerns with any biotechnology product and process because it can cause serious effects. To counter this problem, we are working in the direction of total automation of procedure through Digital, IoT and BOTS solutions.

Inspection and testing of the material at different stages of the production from raw material to end product, are two major areas of quality control. conventionally different testing devises and instruments are used to perform qualitative ananlysis manually so there is major chances of human error. By automation of the process and system by IoT and app-based biosensor control, human error can be minimized as well as production can be boosted.

Concerned Industry
  • Industrial level QC.
Real-time raw material inspection
  • Transfer material analysis from the lab to the receiving dock and production line.
  • Real-time verification of incoming raw materials.
  • Instant results throughout entire production process, reduce down-time, recall and delay.
  • Analysis results integrate with enterprise data systems to enable broad analytics and real-time monitoring.

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